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If you want to see a huge reduction in your annual energy bills, whilst being environmentally friendly, replacement double glazing is often the way to go. And with uPVC windows you have a material that surpasses aluminium and hardwood, with a number of quality benefits.

uPVC double glazing is the most popular window replacement in the UK and is even recommended by most window installers because of its advantages.

But what is double glazing?

Double glazing is an efficient window unit that will replace your old, inefficient single paned windows. It’ll last for more than 15 years, cutting your energy bills year-in year-out by retaining heat in your home.

It works by having two panes of glass separated by an energy efficient spacer, which doesn’t allow heat to pass through. This spacer is normally Argon and fills a gap between 20mm and 28mm.

Benefits of uPVC double glazing

uPVC windows are the most popular replacement units in the UK and thousands of installations are completed every year. With double glazed windows:

  • Reduce your heating bills by as much as £300 a year, with superb energy efficiency locking heat in your home. This means you don’t need to turn up the temperature on your boiler to keep warm.

  • Your property instantly becomes more secure and research actually suggests break-ins are prevented as burglars avoid double glazed properties. Double glazing helps put your mind at rest and ensures greater safety.

  • Cut your home’s carbon dioxide emissions, lowering your footprint on the planet. Carbon is one of the key gases responsible for environmental problems such as global warming.

  • And an added benefit with double glazing is that noise pollution is limited, with sound waves unable to pass through that efficient Argon spacer.

Why choose uPVC windows?

There are a number of reasons uPVC is the most popular frame material in the double glazing industry for both homeowners and companies. Firstly, it’s far cheaper than hardwood or aluminium. So for those on a budget it’s a life saver.

And even with the cheap price, uPVC doesn’t skimp on its quality. It’s an extremely efficient material, reducing your energy bills and is also extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions.

It won’t rot or bow like wooden frames and it also can be coloured to match traditional homes. During production it’s created with stabilisers and additives to protect it from the sun’s natural UV rays too.

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Project: Spoke to mr. Homeowner. 1 sliding door, 1 window and 1 back door. All in upvc white. Work to commence jan/feb 09. Please contact to quote. Not between 11 and 1.
Project: spoke to mrs house owner looking for 1 x double doors 4 x windows upvc woodgrain time scale 1 - 3 months looking for an evening appointment. please contact quote
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Project: Spoke to mr, Homeowner, Would like quote foe 8 x upvc, woodgraine windows, all on 1st floor, Would like this done asap, Please call to arrange quote, evenings is best.
Project: Spoke to mr, Homewoner, Would like 1 x white upvc window, Would like this done middle of jan 09, Please call to arrange quote, mornings or evenings is best.
Project: Spoke to Mrs Home Owner would like a quote for 5 windows, 1 patio door and 1 front door in white UPVC Please contact anytime to make an appt for after 4pm
Project: Spoke to Mrs Home Owner looking for quotation for 6 windows in white UPVC. Mrs available all day today, please contacrt immediately.
Project: Spoke to Mr Home Owner requires a quote for 15/20 white upvc windows. please contact for appt asap.
Project: Spoke to Mr TSHABALALA.Please call to quote either have windows replaced or for windows to be resealed. would like work done straightaway.please call on mobile- evenings.
Project: replacement windows in 4 rooms, 2 of them bay windows. Spoke to mr. Homeowner. Would like quotes for the supply and fit of 4 white upvc units. Work to commence early 09. Please contact anytime to...
Project: Spoke to mr, Homeowner, Looking for 2 x upvc windows & 1 x door, Would like this done in the next 1-3 months, Please call to arrang equotation, evenings is best
Project: spoke to mr house owner 5 windows 1 x door upvc white please contact this morning time scale 1 - 3 months
Project: uPVC - White Spoke to mr. Homeowner. 3 bedroom windows, 2 toilet windows and 2 sets of patio doors. Work to commence march 09. Please contact anytime to quote.
Project: Spoke to mrs. Homeowner. Would like quotes for 4 upvc white windows. Please contact evenings to quote. Work to commence jan 09. Would like a weekend appointment ideally.
Project: Spoke to mr, Homeowner, 10 x windows, white upvc, 1x bay windows, Would like to get this done asap, Please call to arrange quote, afternoons is best.
Project: Spoke to Ms Mogey. Renting property but will be paying for work. Please call to quote for supply and fit UPVC door and two windows either side. Would like work done asap. Please call on mobile.
Project: Spoke to mr, Homeowner, Would like quot for 10 x white upvc windows, 1 x bay window, Would like to get this done asap, Please call to arrange quote, afternoons is best.
Project: Spoke to mr, Homeowner, Would like quote for 6 x upvc woodgrain windows, Set of doors, Would like thios done asap, Please call to arrange quote, evenings is best.
Project: Spoke to mr. Homeowner. Would like quotes for: 2 large patio doors 2 external doors 3 windows All in upvc woodgrain. Please contact evenings or weekends to quote. Work to commence in 3-6 month...
Project: Spoke to mr. Homeowner. Would like quotes for between 2-6 upvc white windows. Work to commence asap. Please contact anytime to quote.

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Double glazing activity in May 2018

Double glazing Projects in the UK in May 2018

April 2018 March / April
Greater London 4,550 0%
South East 3,530 -3%
North West 1,630 -9%
Scotland 1,515 -10%
South West 1,431 1%
Western Midlands 1,425 -14%
Yorkshire & Humber 1,280 2%
East Of England 1,200 18%
East Midlands 1,038 -11%
Wales 677 -13%
Northern Ireland 291 0%
North East 90 -25%
United Kingdom 18,657 -4%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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