How much is a new front door?

Replacing your front door is, on the long list of home renovation options, probably not one you’ve considered. You’ll likely look at a new kitchen, extra bedrooms or a loft conversion before changing anything on the exterior. 

Below is a table that lists out, in very general terms, the upper and lower bounds for new front door prices. That said, if you would like a more detailed breakdown of any of these options, check out the subsections underneath this table.

Door typeSupply-only costFully fitted cost
Wooden£150 – £1900£400 – £2150
Composite£500 – £2500£700 – £2700
uPVC£250 – £470£500 – £700
Aluminium£1200 – £2000£1400 – £2300

Our full guide on new front door costs provided more detailed information of the cost to have a new front door fitted to your home