What materials can I use to surface my driveway?

The most commonly used driveway surfacing materials are gravel, asphalt, concrete and paving.

Block Paving

An increasingly popular choice as more forms of block paving become available. Block paving is one of the more visually interesting options, and can be used in driveways, walls, floors and more.


Asphalt’s cheap nature keeps the cost of a new driveway down. This makes it a great choice if you have a small budget or other renovation projects that you still need to balance the funding for.

Resin Bonding

There are two types of resin driveways – bound and bonded. They are both made from UV resistant resin mixed with collections of small stones. Once dry, a resin driveway will have a smooth finish that can come in an array of patterns and colours.


Arguably the most popular driveway choice in the UK. It’s incredibly durable when constructed properly but, if laid poorly, can crack.

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