How much is it to drop a curb?

Planning permission is usually required if you wish to drop the kerb outside your property to allow a car to cross the pavement. This is because the pavement may need to be strengthened to take the weight of vehicles and prevent them from damaging the surface or any pipes or cables underneath.

Once you have been granted permission, you can employ any contractor to carry out the works as long as they hold:

  • New Roads and Street Works Act Accreditations for Excavation and Reinstatement
  • £5 million public liability insurance.

Contractors’ prices can vary from £1,000 to £2,500. You will be responsible for paying the contractor.

Sometimes additional work is needed to build the dropped kerb. You will need to pay for this. It could include:

  • moving a street lighting column
  • moving a traffic sign and post
  • removing a tree and planting replacements
  • changing covers in the path (for example water, gas or cable TV covers)
  • getting a traffic management order to change a parking bay.

For more information on the cost of a dropped curb and for new driveway cost check out of ultimate guide to help you make the right decision.