How to apply for a drop curb?

You will need to apply directly to your council. Before you do though you need to ensure the following to have a dropped kerb, it must:

  • leave enough room for you to park your vehicle completely on the property
  • be at least 4.8m long between the back of the pavement or property boundary (the face of any wall, fence or hedge for example) and the front of your building. Or at least 6m long where the parking area is in front of a garage or door where adequate means of escape needs to be provided, like a front/back door, escape window etc.
  • be a minimum width of 2.4m
  • be more than 10m away from a road junction (15m on major roads and busy junctions)
  • meet visibility guidelines (this depends on the type of road)
  • have suitable drainage near your house
  • be at least 1.5m from streetlights and other street furniture
  • avoid removing tree roots
  • have permission from the property owner.