Flooring Options for Older People: the Ultimate Guide

As you or someone close to you gets older, there are some parts of our homes that start to be a problem. One of these is flooring.

There are some flooring options for older people that are great and others that need avoiding. Whether you want to change your flooring to help you or an elderly friend or relative, we’ll go through the types that are ideal and the ones to avoid.

Great flooring options for older people


A great benefit to carpet is that it’s cushioned and soft, which means it can help to stop injury from trips and falls. It can also help to insulate your home and keep it warmer in the winter.

However, it can harbour dirt and dust, which can lead to respiratory problems in older people. Carpet can also be difficult to clean properly, especially if you have reduced mobility.


A big advantage to vinyl is that it’s really easy to look after. All it needs is sweeping or vacuuming regularly and mopping occasionally. Plus, it’s almost completely waterproof.

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However, vinyl can be fairly hard underfoot, so is pretty unforgiving if you fall on it. And it’s made from petroleum, which emits toxins. So if you’re concerned about damage to the environment, it might not be the best flooring for you.


Linoleum, or lino, is another great flooring option for older people as it’s very easy to clean. This means that you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to scrub off a stain. But it can be quite expensive, especially if you factor in the cost of a sealant to waterproof it. So if you’ve got a tight budget, lino might not be the best choice.


Cork is a great flooring choice as it’s very soft. This means that if you fall on it, you might not hurt yourself as much as you could falling onto a harder surface. Plus, it’s a good insulator and it’s non-slip.

However, cork does have some downsides. Its softness means that it can be punctured easily by furniture legs or high heels. It also needs sealing once a year to make sure that it doesn’t get stained or discoloured.

Flooring options to avoid

If you’re looking for flooring options for older people, there are some that you definitely want to avoid. Very hard materials, like ceramic, natural stone, brick and glass are not ideal, as in a fall they can do a lot of damage to someone with weaker bones. Most of these options are also very difficult to clean, especially if you have reduced mobility.

There are lots of different flooring options for older people, and naturally, everyone is different. It’s a good idea to choose a flooring type based on your mobility and the kind of look you like.