How to Save Money on your Energy Bills with Bifold Doors

You might not realise it, but bifold doors can actually help you save money on your energy bills. The UK is one of the least energy-efficient countries in Europe, so we need to start changing the way we use natural light in our homes.

Not only will using natural light reduce our energy bills, but it will also contribute to our health. We all know that when the sun comes out we feel better. So if you have more sunlight streaming into your home, you should notice a difference in your mood.

So how can you go green using bifold doors? Read on to find out how to reduce your bills and your carbon footprint.

Optimise natural light

Bifold doors have huge panes of glass, letting in lots of light throughout the day. If you use your doors to light your home instead of reaching for your switches, you’ll see your electricity bill go down.

Bifold doors have insulating properties

bi-fold doors look great Unlike normal windows, these doors include a polyamide thermal break, which insulates them by stopping heat from passing through the frames.

You’ll find that you won’t lose as much heat from inside your home and heat won’t get in during the summer.

So you won’t want to reach for the thermostat in the winter, and in the summer you won’t need to rely on electricity-guzzling fans or air conditioning.

Another great benefit to doors with polyamide thermal breaks is that you shouldn’t get as much condensation or damp in your home.

Make the most of the summer breeze

As well as the thermal properties of bifold doors, there is also another way they help to keep your home cool.

Rather than just opening a window, you can open the entire bifold door, pulling it back to allow lots of air in.

You won’t have to use air con or fans to cool down with the amount of air that can circulate around your property.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for energy efficiency

Bifold doors look great. There’s no arguing it. The vast lengths of glass open out the space in your home and make it look fabulous from the inside and out.

You don’t need to scrimp on style to save money on your energy bills – choose a design that suits your home and will look fantastic for years to come.