2017 Trends: Use Fencing to Turn Your Garden into an Outdoor Room

When looking for a new home, lots of people prioritise finding the right garden. After all, it’s a great place to exercise, eat and relax in the summer.

However, the reality is that lots of us forget about or neglect our gardens. Then when the good weather rolls around we might find that they’re not particularly attractive or enjoyable places to be.

There’s a trend going round this year to combat this problem. Lots of people are now making an effort to turn their garden into an ‘outdoor room’. The idea of this is to make gardens more practical, attractive and generally enjoyable to be in.

Read on to find out how you can use fencing to turn your garden into an outdoor room this year and make it a great place to be.

Use colour

A great way to bring your home out into your garden is to use colour. People tend to use colours in their homes to define areas and coordinate walls and furniture. And you can do the same in your garden.

Paint parts of your fence bright, block colours to coordinate it with flowers and furniture in that part of your garden. This will help to make the area feel more cohesive and welcome people into that part of your garden.

Put up internal fencing

The most common place for fencing to go is around the edges of your property. But it can work really well in your garden too.

If you want your garden to feel more like an outdoor room, you can use internal fencing, like colour, to divide up and define areas of your garden. This will help to make your garden feel more purpose-orientated like indoor rooms usually are. You can use internal fencing to separate an eating area and a vegetable patch for example, or a play area and flower beds.

If you choose to put up internal fencing, stick to low heights. If you put up fencing that is too tall it can make your garden feel smaller than it is. Using reed, bamboo, or willow screen fencing is a great way to divide up your garden. Picket fencing can also look really good.

Improve your privacy

If you want your garden to feel more like a room, it’s worth investing in improving your privacy. Most people find it hard to relax in their homes if they think they’re being scrutinised by passers-by or neighbours!

If you have fencing with gaps in, like picket or palisade fencing, consider changing it to a type of block fencing, like closeboard or lattice. This will prevent people from seeing through it and give you a bit more privacy. Or if you have fairly low fencing that is easy to see over, consider adding lattice fence toppers or something similar.

You should find that by coordinating and defining areas of your garden and improving your privacy, you can turn your garden into an outdoor room that you love spending time in.

Cost of Fencing

Before you start, it’s worth working out how much you’re likely to spend. This will help you decide what you can afford. Several factors will affect your budget, like extra features or the materials and popularity of the styles you choose. Read our full guide on the cost of fencing here.