4 Ways a Garage Conversion Can Make a Great Kitchen-Diner

There are lots of different things you can do with a garage conversion. However you choose to use it, the extra living space can dramatically improve your home.

Open-plan living, and particularly kitchen-diners, is a hugely popular trend that isn’t showing any signs of going away. And if you want to follow this trend yourself, a garage conversion could be just the thing you need. If your garage borders onto your kitchen, you’ve got a great opportunity to convert it and open the two rooms up into a kitchen-diner.

Read on to find out 4 ways a garage conversion can help make a great kitchen-diner.

1. Gives you space for an island

Given that it will have been designed to fit at least one car, your garage should be a decent size. So you’ll definitely have room for a dining table in there and more to spare. That, plus the extra space that removing internal walls creates, will give you plenty of room for a spacious kitchen-diner with an island. Handy as extra surface space and a sociable place to perch, a good-sized island can make a kitchen-diner look fantastic and a great place to spend time in.

2. Helps you to zone

A downside to open-plan layouts is that they can make spaces feel odd and directionless. This is why it’s a good idea to create zones in your kitchen-diner. Clearly defined areas will make the space more user-friendly, while maintaining the relaxed and informal feel of the room.

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Using a garage conversion to create your kitchen-diner can really help you when you zone the room. Joining your kitchen and garage together can create one big room but the space will still have echoes of two separate spaces. This will help you to create two recognisable areas within one big room.

3. Lightens it up

Another bonus to using a garage conversion to create a kitchen-diner is that it will almost certainly increase natural light levels in the room. Most attached garages will have at least 2, if not 3, external walls, where windows can be added. This can help to create a kitchen-diner that has plenty of natural light, making it feel bigger and more enjoyable to live in.

4. Brings your inside and outside areas together

Converting your garage to create a kitchen-diner can also work wonders in bringing your inside and outside areas together. Instead of building a wall where their garage door once stood, many people choose to install patio or bi-fold doors. This is a great way to make your outside area more accessible and expand how much space your kitchen-diner has. Even if you choose to brick up your garage door, the extra external wall space that a garage conversion has will give you more opportunities to create easy access to your garden.

So if you want to create a stylish, open-plan kitchen-diner in your home, converting your garage could be a great way to do it.