5 Colour Schemes to Consider When You Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Painting the outside of your property can be a great way to refresh your home and give it a new look. But if you’re used to it being a certain colour then it can be hard to come up with the best new pallet to use to paint your home exterior.

Keep reading to find out 5 great possible colour schemes for your home exterior.

1. Bright white

One colour you shouldn’t ignore when you’re working out how to paint your home exterior is white. This may sound uninspiring but a bright white house can look stunning and really stand out from the crowd. They do require a little more maintenance as they can start to look tired and scruffy more quickly than other house painted other colours. But this is often worth it. If you want to add a little further interest, try painting your front door a bright colour.

2. Go dark

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Another great way to paint your home exterior is to go dark. Using black or a dark grey can really make a statement. Plus, it’ll leave your property looking smart and highlight its architectural feature. To create an eye-catching contrast, try painting your window frames white.

3. Cream and grey

If you’d prefer to go neutral rather than making a statement, cream and grey is a great colour scheme to pick when you paint your home exterior. Neutrals have a reputation for being rather unremarkable and boring, but if you get the right shades they can make your home look very stylish and chic.

4. Dark colours and natural materials

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Natural materials are now very common on properties so it’s highly likely that your home’s got a bit of brick or wood showing. Of course, you can paint these but if you want to leave them their natural colours then it’s a good idea to coordinate your painted areas with them. Dark colours can look great with brick and wood, particularly dark, dense blues.

5. Bright and beautiful

If bright colours are more your thing then go for it. Bold, bright colours can look good on a range of properties and make a real statement. But approach with caution – using lots of bright colours when you paint your home exterior can seem like a great idea on paper but leave you with a cluttered and unattractive eyesore.

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Pick one bright colour that you think will look good on your home and then complement it with one or two other shades of the same colour that are more subtle and subdued. This will leave you with a bright and beautiful home exterior that has an attractive, cohesive look.

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