5 Tips for Creating a Beautiful Painted Home Exterior

When it comes to home design, it can be easy to get absorbed in your interiors and forget about the outside of your property. But putting a little time and investment into your painted home exterior can leave you with an attractive and stylish property.

If you want to give the outside of your home a new look but are unsure where to start, we can help. Keep reading for 5 tips for creating a beautiful painted home exterior.

1. Consider your architecture

Before you rush into painting your home exterior, it’s important to take note of your home’s architecture. Different colour shades and schemes look good on different types of property. Bright, strong colours can look great on Victorian properties but often look too busy on Georgian homes.

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Modern buildings tend to suit a range of colours, so what you choose should depend on the look that you’re after. Neutral tones can create a stylish, minimalist look, whilst using bright, bold colours is the perfect way to make a statement.

2. Look at your surroundings

Not only should you consider your architecture when designing your painted home exterior, you should also look at your surroundings. If your home is close to other properties, take note of their colour scheme. You don’t have to copy them but consider coordinating your colours with theirs. Or if your property’s in a rural area, trying using colours with a brown, green or blue base to connect with your natural surroundings.

3. Coordinate your outside

It’s important to remember that your home isn’t the only outside surface you can paint. If you have a fence, gate, outdoor furniture or decking, try to coordinate these with your home exterior. You could paint your fence the same colour as your window frames, for example, or match your decking and front door. Try not to go overboard though – if you’re using a bold colour one or two coordinating elements should be enough.

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4. Respect the power of 3

If you’ve been researching the best way to create a beautiful painted home exterior, you might have noticed that the number 3 comes up a lot. Lots of designers and paint specialists recommend using a maximum of 3 colours on your home exterior and for good reason. Using any more than 3 colours, even if they’re calm, neutral shades can make a property seem cluttered and uncoordinated. So if you can’t wait to get the colour chart out and experiment, be strict with yourself and stick to 3 colours max.

5. Bear your interior in mind

If you’re designing your painted home exterior, your interior is probably the last thing on your mind. But coordinating the inside and outside of your home can be a great way to bring the property together. Try painting an outdoor bench the colour of your hallway or your fence the shade of your skirting board. A little goes a long way here – just a few small touches can make your home look more cohesive.

Following these 5 tips should help you on the way to creating a painted home exterior that’s stylish and attractive.

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