5 Top Gardening and Landscaping Trends for 2017

The start of 2017 has seen a new wave of gardening and landscaping trends. High-maintenance, manicured gardens are on the way out; a low-hassle, natural landscape is the new thing to have.

Keep reading to find out 5 top gardening and landscaping trends for 2017 and how you can create them in your garden.

1. Naturalism

2017 is seeing a move towards rustic natural materials in outdoor spaces. Concrete and polished stone is being replaced with matte natural stone and wood. And instead of a clean, modern look, textured, rough surfaces are becoming more popular.

It’s easy to incorporate a natural look into your garden. Old railway sleepers are a stylish and practical way to edge your lawn, flowerbeds, patio or path. Wooden seating and slightly overgrown hedges are also a great way to create a natural look.

2. Environmental gardening

Over the past couple of years, awareness of how far our food has travelled and how this impacts on the environment has been growing. This has spread to plants and stone. It’s a popular move now to think about where we’re getting our garden plants and stone from and to try and find locally-sourced products.

This localism trend also links to a movement by gardeners to reduce water use. Planting drought-tolerant shrubs and flowers is a great way lower the amount of water your garden needs and reduce the amount of watering you need to do. You can also get a similar effect by using native plants local to your region.

3. Low-maintenance landscapes

Wanting a beautiful garden that requires very little time and effort is hardly a new thing. But 2017 consumer trends are showing that more and more people are taking steps to achieve this.

Artificial grass is rising in popularity, along with dwarf shrubs and other attractive but low-maintenance plants. It seems that creating an eye-catching, low-effort garden is actually possible.

Low-maintenance gardens also have the added environmental benefit of reducing fertiliser and pest-control treatment use.

4. Statement and mini-plants

Bright, bold colours are on the up this year. Planting a range of different eye-catching flowers in your garden is a great way to create an on-trend landscape that is alive with colour.

The rise of mini-plants means that this look is easy to create, even if you have a small garden or no flower beds. You can now get mini versions of big plants like hydrangeas and clematis that are suitable for growing in pots. So whatever the size of your garden, you should be able to fill it with bright, bold colours.

5. Edible gardening

Edible gardening is becoming more and more popular. Growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in your garden may not be a new thing, but more and more people are now doing it. This includes young people, who are typically less likely to garden than older generations. Creating a garden that is both attractive and a practical source of food is the way to go this year.

These 5 trends are easy to create in your own garden, whatever your time and budget. So if you want a landscape that’s on trend this year, get gardening!