5 Things to Try to Spruce Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

Had enough of your kitchen? Want to try a different look? A very easy way to refresh your kitchen is to spruce up your kitchen cabinets. This won’t take much time or money and can have a big impact.

Here are 5 things to try to spruce up your kitchen cabinets.

1. Get new handles

Getting new handles and knobs for your kitchen cabinets can have a big effect on how they look. It’s usually wise to stick with the same material type – so replace wood with wood and metal with metal. This is because the original handle material will probably complement your cabinets.

But don’t worry, there’s still a chance for some creativity. Experiment with different materials, like stainless steel, copper and brass, or woods like beech, walnut and oak. It’s also worth considering whether you want a shiny or matte finish.

Fitting new cabinet knobs and handles is a really simple way to give your kitchen a different look. Consider feature handles and knobs if you want a period look, or a sleek, minimal style if you want them to blend into your kitchen.

2. Get eye-catching end panels

Getting end panels is a brilliant way to neaten up your cabinets or give them an edge. Fitting an attractive panel at the end of a row of cabinets can smarten them up or create a new focal point.

If you just want to smarten up your cabinets, go for an end panel that matches your cabinets. Or if you want to be bold, pick a patterned or bright-coloured one.

3. Fit decorative feet

spruce up your kitchen cabinets
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Fitting decorative feet is another brilliant way to spruce up your kitchen cabinets. These simple accessories fit to the bottom corners of your base cabinets and are a great way to add interest to your kitchen. Of course, they’re only an option if there’s room between your cabinets and the floor.

For maximum effect, choose feet in a bold colour or with an ornate shape.

4. Attach furniture toe kicks

Lots of kitchens have toe kicks that fit under your cabinets and leave space for your feet if you’re standing at the worktop. But if there are cabinets that you don’t need to stand at, consider fitting furniture toe kicks underneath them. These fit flush to your cabinets and add an extra decorative element.

5. Repaint

Don’t underestimate the effect of a repaint. This will probably be more effort than other options, but it’ll be worth it. Painting your cabinets a different colour can have a big impact on how your kitchen looks and feels.

If you want to make your kitchen feel bigger or brighten it up, try picking lighter shades like greys, whites and creams. Or if you want to make your cabinets a feature, try creating tuxedo cabinets (where the wall cabinets are a light colour and the base cabinets are a darker one). Some excellent tuxedo cabinet colour combinations are white and black, light grey and navy blue, and cream and olive green.

So what are you waiting for? There are plenty of easy ways to spruce up your kitchen cabinets in no time.

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