A Pros and Cons Guide to Outdoor Aerials

Outdoor aerials are a type of TV aerial. They sit outside, usually on building roofs, pick up signals and transmit them to your TV. You can install an outdoor aerial wherever you live, but they’re particularly popular in rural areas. This is because they tend to the best way to get TV signal in more isolated areas.

Outdoor aerials have some great advantages but aren’t for everyone. To help you work out whether an outdoor aerial is right for you, we’ve made a list of their pros and cons.


Pick up weaker signals

A great advantage to outdoor aerials is that they’re good at picking up weaker signals as well as stronger ones. This means that if you live in an area where there are lots of other signals or very weak television signals, your TV picture is likely to be better than if you use an indoor aerial.

Less susceptible to interference

Outdoor aerials are also a good option because they’re less susceptible to interference than indoor aerials. As they’re installed outside of your home, outdoor aerials aren’t affected by the interference problems that walls and ceilings cause indoor aerials.



One downside to outdoor aerials is that they’re bulky. They’re usually quite a lot bigger than indoor aerials. Plus, they come with mounting hardware and a cable that needs to stretch from the aerial to your TV or signal distributor. If you want something smaller, an indoor aerial is probably a better choice for you.

Difficult to install

Another disadvantage to outdoor aerials is that they’re tricky to install. If you want to get the strongest and highest quality TV picture possible, you really need to install your outdoor aerial as high up as possible. This is why most people fit their aerial on a roof or tall pole. So unless you have the right tools and safety equipment and are used to working at height, it’s best not to try to install an outdoor aerial yourself. A professional installer will not only install your aerial safely, they’ll also know where to put it to get the best possible signal.

Indoor aerials, on the other hand, are easy to set up and rarely require professional installation.

So outdoor aerials have a range of pros and cons. If you want an outdoor aerial and are looking for someone to install it, we can help. Click ‘Start my project’, fill in our online form and we’ll connect you with up to 4 local installers. Or if you’d like to find out about other types of aerial, take a look at our articles on indoor and multi-directional aerials.


Around £15 - £50

Not including installation

Installation time

Around 1-2 hours

Installation Price

Approx. £80+

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Pick up weaker signals
  • Less susceptible to interference
  • Bulky
  • Difficult to install