Why a Single Unit Air Conditioner Could be Best for you

single unit air conditioner

If you like the idea of having air conditioning in the summer but don’t want to spend money on a fixed system, a single unit air conditioner might be for you.

Single unit air conditioners are portable units that allow you to cool a single room. You’ll need to vent the unit through a window or door, so you can move the unit from room to room as and when you need to.

Like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to single unit air conditioners. Find out whether the benefits outweigh the costs below.

Benefits of a single unit air conditioner

Cheap solution

A single unit air conditioner is a cheap solution to cool your home. These units cost far less than a fixed split-unit system.

Easy to install

It’s very rare that there will be any installation required for a single unit air conditioner. All you’ll need to do is vent the hot air out through a hose which you’ll have to put out of a window or door.


The system is not fixed to a wall or connected via the mains. That means you can move a single unit air conditioner around to whichever room you need to cool. Systems tend to have handles to make them easy to carry.

Drawbacks of single unit air conditioners

Could be a security risk

You’ll need to have a window or door open to vent the hose through, which could open your home up to unwanted visitors. Make sure you bring the hose in and shut and lock the door or window before you leave the house.

Not as efficient as fixed systems

Single unit air conditioners are not as efficient as split-unit systems. This is because portable air conditioners get hot and leak hot air back into the room, meaning they use more electricity to cool the space.

Can be heavy

Some models of single unit air conditioners can be heavy, so you’ll need to make sure the system you choose is manageable for you. Ensure that the handles are easy for you to grip so you don’t drop it when you move the unit.

So if you don’t want to spend much on air conditioning, a single unit air conditioner may be for you. Click ‘Start my Project‘ on the Air Con page to make an enquiry for air conditioning and be matched with up to 4 local air con companies.



Installation time

Less than 1 day

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Cheap solution to cool your home
  • Easy to install
  • Portable
  • Can pose a security risk
  • Not as efficient at cooling as split-unit systems
  • Can be heavy to carry from room to room