Split Unit Air Conditioners: The Pros and Cons

split unit air conditioners

Split unit air conditioners are air conditioning systems that are fixed to a wall in your home. They are known as split units because they are made up of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit that work together to cool a room in your home.

Lots of people choose split unit air conditioners over portable ones because they’re quieter and more powerful. But they’re not for everyone – read on to find out the benefits and drawbacks.


More secure than single unit air con

Unlike single unit air conditioning, you don’t have to leave a window open to vent hot air through a hose. That makes a split unit system more secure. The outdoor unit contains a compressor, condenser coil and expansion coil to remove heat, so there’s no need to have a window open.

Quieter and more efficient

Generally, split unit air conditioners are quieter than portable units because part of the system is outside. They’re also more efficient because you don’t have to let some of the cool air out of the window. Single unit air conditioners also emit heat, so they use more electricity to cool the room down.

More powerful than portable units

Since split units are larger and are wired up to your mains electricity, they are usually more powerful than single unit systems. This is particularly good if you have one room that gets very hot.


More expensive

Split unit air conditioners are generally more expensive than single units. You’ll have to weigh up whether the costs are worth the benefits.

Installation is difficult

Because you need to have a unit installed on an outside wall, you’ll probably need to hire a professional to do it. You can try to do it yourself, but it can be tricky.

There are more benefits to split unit air conditioners than there are disadvantages, but you’ll have to decide whether you really want to spend more money on a split unit than a single unit when our summers are so changeable. To get some free, no-obligation prices, fill in our form by clicking ‘Start my Project‘ on the Air Con page.



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Advantages and disadvantages
  • More secure
  • Quieter and more efficient
  • More powerful than portable units
  • More expensive
  • Difficult installation