Commercial Project Management: Do You Need an Architect?

If you want to construct a new commercial building or alter an existing one, you can hire an architect to manage the project for you. Commercial architects work on a range of buildings, including offices and public buildings.

An advantage to hiring an architect to manage your building project is that it reduces the amount of time you need to spend on it. Instead of having to liaise with multiple building and design professionals, you can just speak to your architect. They will relay any necessary information from you to the contractors working on your project and vice versa.

Keep reading to find out more about commercial project management and what it involves.

Commercial project management: what’s included?

Building design

Building design is the first job that needs to be done when you’re creating a new building or altering one. Before you start work on a building you need to know the desired end result.

An architect will start your project by gathering information about what the building is for and how you would like it to look. They will then draw up plans based on this and what is possible. The plans that an architect produces for a project usually range from a basic layout to detailed construction plans.

Obtaining consent

Another job an architect will do when managing a commercial project is obtain consent. Anyone planning to construct or alter a building needs to adhere to a number of regulations. These include planning permission rules and building regulations. When managing a project, an architect will compile and submit any permission applications that need to be made. They will then ensure that any work that is done is in line with any rules that need to be followed.

Managing contractors

Architects also manage contractors as part of commercial project management. The will often source tradespeople and liaise with them for you. They will also supervise their work and give them any important updates as and when needed.

If you decide to hire an architect for your commercial building project, make sure you’re upfront about your budget, the style you want and who is responsible for what. If you put this is writing this will ensure that both you and your architect are on the same page.


Around 2-12% of the construction cost


2 months +

Depending on the size of the project

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Less hassle than managing the project yourself
  • You have an expert to manage contractors and check their work
  • Your project is likely to be completed more quickly
  • More expensive than managing the project yourself