Why it’s Time to Remove your Asbestos Garage Roof

asbestos garage roof

If your garage is between 30 and 60 years old, it’s likely that you have an asbestos garage roof. But don’t panic – there is no need to worry about causing harm to yourself or your family if the roof is not damaged.

Asbestos is only harmful you disturb it and it releases spores into the air. So if you don’t need to move the roof, it may be worth leaving it alone.

But when should you remove your asbestos garage roof? Take a look at our points below to see when it’s important to remove asbestos from your property.

When your asbestos garage roof is damaged

If your garage roof is intact, there is no risk to your health from asbestos. It is only when you disturb or damage asbestos that it releases spores. This is when they are dangerous as you can breathe in the spores, causing cancer and other asbestos-related lung problems.

If you’re going to demolish your garage

Since demolishing the garage will disturb your asbestos garage roof, you should remove it before you knock the garage down. This will prevent any risk to you or your family.

If you need to walk over your garage roof

If for whatever reason your garage roof needs to bear weight, you’ll need a different roof. According to the Health and Safety Executive, asbestos cement garage roofs are never weight bearing.  That means you should avoid standing on your garage roof to stop potentially fatal spores from releasing into the air if it cracks under your weight.

Although you can remove an asbestos garage roof yourself, it is a much better idea to get a professional company to do it. They will know all the current regulations and have all the equipment to keep themselves safe while they are doing the job, and ensure that they clear up before they leave.

If you’re not sure whether your garage roof is an asbestos cement roof, ask an asbestos testing company to test it. We can put you in touch with up to 4 companies who will give you a quote.


Approx. £380-£680

For removal of a single asbestos garage roof


Approx. £750-£1800

For removal of a double asbestos garage roof


From approx. £1350

For removal of asbestos garage ceiling boards

Removal time

From 1 day

Depending on size of garage and accessibility

Advantages and disadvantages

You should get your asbestos garage roof removed if:

  • Your garage roof is in bad condition the asbestos could be releasing fibres into the air
  • You are going to demolish the garage
  • You need to stand on the roof – asbestos cement garage roofs can’t bear weight