Pitched Roofing Project Price Guide

You’ll need a budget of between about 40p and £5.40 per tile for your pitched roofing project. Factors that will affect the cost of your roofing project include the size of your roof, the roofing material you choose to use and labour costs.

Different companies will charge different amounts for roofing work, as they’ll all have different business expenses they need to cover. Here are some rough prices to help you determine how much you’ll probably end up spending:

Roofing project element Approx. cost
Concrete tiles 40p-£2.90 per tile
Clay tiles 50p-£2 per tile
Slate £1.25-£5.40 per tile
Shingles From £15 per m²
Labour From approx. £300 per day

It’s worth getting several quotes for your pitched roofing project. This will give you a reliable idea of what’s a fair price and how much you should expect to pay.

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