Gardening and Landscaping Price Guide

You’ll require a budget of between approximately £20 and £7,000 for your gardening and landscaping project. How much it’ll actually end up costing depends on the type of work you want doing and the size of your garden.

Different gardeners and landscapers will charge different amounts to do gardening and landscaping work. This is because different companies have diverse costs that they need to meet. To give you a general idea of how much your project will cost, here are some typical gardening and landscaping project prices:

Gardening and landscaping project Approx. cost
Landscaping (inc. design) £7,000
Landscaping (excl. design) £1,000-£3,000
Lawn services £20-£35
Garden maintenance (eg. pruning, watering, weeding) £60-£115

It’s worth getting a few quotes for your gardening and landscaping project. This will give you an accurate idea of what’s a fair price and how much you’ll end up spending.

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