Guttering Project Price Guide

You’ll need to reserve anything between around £16 and £50 per m² for your guttering project. How much you’ll probably end up spending depends on the material you use, the design you want and the amount of guttering you need. Where your property is can also make a difference to your project price, as labour and products are more expensive in some areas of the UK than others.

Different guttering professionals will charge different rates for your project, as they all have different costs they need to meet. To give you a rough idea of how much you might spend, here are some typical guttering prices:

Guttering project elements Approx. cost
Buy half round copper guttering £16 per metre
Buy half round aluminium guttering £20-£50 per metre
Buy half round uPVC guttering £2-£8 per metre
Labour to fit a complete new guttering system on an average-sized house £440

Try to get quotes from several different companies for your project. This will help you get an accurate and fair price.

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