Biomass Boiler Project Price Guide

You’ll require a budget of anywhere between £250 and £12,000 for your biomass boiler project. The type, size, make and model of the biomass boiler or stove you want can all make a difference to the final cost.

Different boiler engineers will charge different amounts to supply and install a biomass boiler or stove. This is because all companies have diverse costs that they need to cover. To give you a general idea of how much you’re likely to spend, here are some approximate costs:

Biomass boiler project element Approx. cost
Buy biomass stove £250-£3,000
Buy pellet biomass boiler £7,000-£12,000
Buy wood chip biomass boiler £7,000-£12,000
Buy log biomass boiler £7,000-£12,000
Labour to install a boiler or stove £400-£800

It’s sensible to get several quotes for your biomass boiler project from a range of different companies. This will give you a good idea of the market price and how much you’re going to spend.

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