3 Tips to Make Your Exterior Painting a Success

If the outside of your home is starting to crack, blister or peel, this is a sign that your home exterior could do with a repaint. If you leave these problems to get worse, the chances are that it will end up being a more expensive and time-consuming job. So if your home starts to look scruffy, it’s a good idea to get the paint out.

Whether you fancy having a go at your exterior painting yourself or are hiring a professional to do it, we’ve got 3 tips to make your exterior painting a success.

1. Pick the right time of year

It’s important to pick the right time of year for your exterior painting project. Painting in damp conditions is not a good idea as your paint will peel off any material that isn’t 100% dry. So when you’re working out when to do your exterior painting, try to pick a time when it’s likely to be dry and not humid. It’s important to do this even if you’re not painting your home yourself – it’ll make the job much easier for a professional too.

2. Choose your colour carefully

This might seem a little obvious but it’s very important to choose your paint colour carefully. After all, you’re going to have to look at it every day. Try painting big pieces of card with your favourite colours and sticking them to your wall. Leave them there for a while and the best colour should jump out at you. If you decide to use a professional for all or part of the job, trying asking their advice as they might have insights you’ve never thought of.

3. Use quality paint

Another key to a successful exterior painting project is to use quality paint. Although higher quality paint is often more expensive than other paints, it’s usually worth the investment. You’ll spend less time and money painting your house and it’ll look better for longer.

If you’re hiring a professional to do your exterior painting, talk to them about what you want and they should be able to give you some advice and suggest options. This way you can be sure that you get the paint that you want.

So whether you’re hiring a professional or doing your exterior painting yourself, these tips should help your home on the way to a stunning new look.

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Approx. £800 - £1,600

Including materials and labour

Job time

Approx. 1 - 4 days

Depending on property size and work scale

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Relatively low-cost way to change your home’s appearance
  • Can make your home look smarter
  • Can increase your home’s value
  • Paint can flake off over time
  • Your property will need repainting at some point