Would Your Home Benefit From a Catslide Roof?

Wherever you live or whatever the size of your household, it’s important to have enough space in your home. Lots of people, especially young families, can find themselves growing out of the home that they love. When this happens you’ve got two choices – either move or extend.

Catslide roofs are a very popular type of extension. They’re a good way to create more room in your home without dramatically altering its appearance. Read on to find out more about catslide roofs and how they could improve your home.

What’s a catslide roof?

A catslide roof is a pitched roof where one side stretches further down than the other. This leads to the eaves being further down on this side and the exterior wall being shorter. Often the roof stays the same pitch on both sides until it reaches where the eaves would normally be. Then it extends at a shallower pitch to maximise the amount of space created.

How could a catslide roof improve my home?

The main benefit to catslide roofs is that they can make your home bigger without increasing your roof ridge height. Although there’s nothing wrong with increasing the height of your roof ridge, if you want to do this you may have to apply for planning permission. Installing a catslide roof is a great way to avoid this.

You can also cater your catslide roof to suit you and your home. You can create more or less space depending on the angle you choose to make it.

Where’s the best place to put a catslide roof?

You can put a catslide roof in lots of different places – wherever you want to create extra space really. Catslide roofs work well sliding down to ground floor ceiling height if you want to create some additional room on your first floor. They’re also a great way to make additional covered outdoor space – as a porch at the front of your house perhaps. Lots of people put catslide roofs onto outbuildings or garages so they can fit longer vehicles in them.

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From around £1,200 per square metre

Depending on location and materials

Installation time

Approx. 10+ weeks

Depending on location and size of extension

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Good way to extend your home without dramatically altering its appearance
  • Don’t create as much space as other types of extension