Speech Dialler Alarms: the Advantages and Disadvantages

Speech dialler alarms are a popular type of intruder alarm. If you’re thinking about improving your property security then they’re definitely worth considering.

A speech dialler alarm connects to a property’s phone line. If the alarm is triggered it will send a pre-recorded message to a list of phone numbers that you’ve supplied, including your own. The idea is that at least one of the people that it contacts will be available and able to investigate or call the police – whatever you’ve asked them to do. The first person to listen to the message can press a key or enter a code to stop anyone else receiving it so you don’t get multiple people responding.

Speech dialler alarms can be ideal for lots of property owners but they’re not suitable for everyone. To help you decide if you should buy one, we’ve compiled a list of their advantages and disadvantages.


Alerts you wherever you are

A big advantage to speech dialler alarms is that they can contact you wherever you are. You just need to make sure that you’ve got your phone with you and have put your number in the system. Then your alarm can alert you to intruders whether you’re inside the house or out and about.

Handy if you have friends or family close by

Speech dialler alarms are a good choice of alarm if you have friends or family close by. If you put your numbers into the system then hopefully they’ll be able to get round to your house fairly promptly, if that’s what you’d like them to do.

Good visual deterrent

Speech dialler alarms can also be a great visual deterrent. If you pick one that stands out and put it in a prominent place on your property then it can stop potential intruders from going any further.


Another benefit to speech dialler alarms is that they’re relatively economical. After you’ve bought and installed one the only money you’ll need to pay is your phone bill if it calls anyone.


You need a landline

A potential downside to speech dialler alarms is that you need a landline to fit them. While this isn’t a problem for everyone, lots of people nowadays don’t have a one.

They can be sabotaged

It’s possible to sabotage a speech dialler alarm by cutting its phone line. This will stop it calling out and alerting you and other people to the problem. So if you have an intruder who knows what they’re doing, they might be able to disable the alarm without you knowing.

No guaranteed response

Another disadvantage to speech dialler alarms is that they don’t guarantee a response. If your alarm can’t get through to any of the phone numbers you’ve given it then nobody will know you have intruders.


From around £50

Not including installation

Installation time

Usually less than 1 day

Wireless alarms usually take less time to install than wired ones

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Alerts you wherever you are
  • Handy if you have friends or family close by
  • Good visual deterrent
  • Economical
  • You need a landline
  • They can be sabotaged
  • No guaranteed response