Tree Surgery: When You Might Need a Tree Dismantling

Trees are a valuable part of the landscape. Part of this is due to their appearance – they can make both rural and urban areas look great.

Trees also have practical value. They provide shade, support birds and other wildlife and are useful for landscape conservation.

However, despite their value there are times when trees need removing. One way to do this is to dismantle them.

Keep reading to learn more about sectional dismantling and when a tree might need it.

What is sectional dismantling?

Sectional dismantling is a way of removing a tree. When dismantling a tree, professionals use either climbing equipment or an elevated working platform. They cut down parts of the tree until it has been completely removed.

When might a tree need dismantling?

Most of the time trees need dismantling because they’re a safety hazard. If a tree is structurally unsound or has died it has to be removed before it starts losing branches. Falling wood should be prevented before it injures people or damages property.

stump grinding in addition to tree dismantlingSigns that a tree is unstable or decaying and needs to be removed include:

  • Splits or holes in the trunk
  • Chipped or peeling bark
  • Dead branches
  • Fungi growing at the bottom of the trunk

People also remove trees for practical reasons. Tree roots might threaten the structural stability of nearby buildings or a tree could be in an area where you want to build.

If there’s room then the simplest way to get rid of an unwanted or unsafe tree is to fell it. But if the tree is in a confined space then it should be removed by sectional dismantlement.

What should I do if I need a tree dismantling?

If you need a tree dismantling, you should contact a tree surgeon or arborist. They will tell you if it’s possible and give you advice on how to do it. They will also be able to tell you how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Before you hire a professional, it’s a good idea to think about if you need any other jobs doing and seeing whether these could be included in your quote. Things people often ask for when they’re getting a tree dismantled include:

  • Stump grinding – when the tree stump in ground down to ground level or lower
  • Stump removal – when the stump and as many roots as possible are ground out or removed
  • Log splitting – when the tree is split into logs so it can be used for fuel
  • Limb chipping – when the tree is made into wood chips

If you’re unsure or have questions, the best thing you can do is ask. A professional tree surgeon won’t expect you to have specialised knowledge and should be happy to give you all the advice and information you need. You can also take a look at the Arboricultural Association’s website to find out more about tree dismantling.



Price depends on tree size


Half a day

Based on 2-3 workers