Wooden Windows

Whilst uPVC windows are the most popular frame choice for double glazing today, timber windows still have their place.

Where uPVC frames will ruin a period home, wooden windows are a perfect choice for keeping the character of your property. They can also look great in more modern properties, and blend in well with your home.

Wooden windows aren’t great for everyone’s home though. As with other window materials, they have disadvantages as well as advantages. These should be taken into consideration when you’re deciding on window frames.

We’ve put together a list of timber’s advantages and disadvantages to make sure you have all the information you need.

Advantages of timber windows

  • Wood has great thermal efficiency, helping to keep warm air in and cold air out
  • Timber adds character to your home, unlike uPVC or aluminium windows
  • Wooden frames are much better for the environment compared to uPVC, and can be recycled
  • Timber frames are long-lasting. If they’re installed and maintained correctly, they can last for over 100 years
  • Don’t worry about being limited to one style of wooden window frame, as there are lots of specialist timber framed window firms that will be able to find you the perfect frame to suit your property type

Disadvantages of wooden windows

  • Wood frames need maintaining. If they aren’t looked after they can rot, crack or warp out of shape
  • Timber is more expensive than uPVC frames

So timber windows have some great points, but also some downsides. Hopefully this list has helped you decide whether wooden windows could be great for your home.

Most double glazing installers will supply and install timber windows, so you could get a better deal if you buy the windows from the same company that you hire to install them for you. If you choose a dedicated timber window company, they will have a huge supply of frames for you to choose from, so you can find the exact style, material and colour you like.

Simply use our service to find up to four quotes from reliable double glazing installers and get the best price for your timber windows.

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Purchase price

Approx. £300-£800 per window

Installation time

1-2 days

Installation price

From approx. £100 per window

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Attractive in period and modern properties
  • Energy efficient – more so than aluminium frames
  • Environmentally friendly – wood is a natural, sustainable material that can be recycled
  • Long lasting – they can last over 100 years
  • Wooden frames need to be maintained – if not they can rot or warp out of shape
  • They are more expensive than uPVC frames