Aluminium Windows

While most people think the only modern option for windows these days is uPVC, there is actually another contender. Now that the technology around them has improved, aluminium windows are becoming the first choice of many homeowners.

There are plenty of reasons why aluminium windows are on the up, but there are also reasons why you may want to choose a different window frame material. Read on to find out about both the pros and cons of aluminium windows.


Low maintenance

Aluminium frames are low maintenance. They don’t need treating with anything and the most you’ll have to do is wipe them with a damp cloth.


One of the biggest benefits to aluminium windows is that they’re durable. Modern-day aluminium frames won’t rust, warp or corrode in harsh weather conditions. Aluminium is also lightweight and very strong.


Aluminium windows are long-lasting. If they’re manufactured and installed correctly, you won’t have to worry about replacing your windows more than once in your lifetime.


Aluminium is flexible. This makes them perfect for properties with unusually shaped openings as they can be moulded to the exact shape and size you require.


aluminium windows
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Aluminium frames are versatile. It’s still believed that you can only buy aluminium windows in silver frames, but that’s no longer true. Some companies offer up to 200 colours, with the most popular colour being black. Now you can take advantage of the benefits of aluminium windows without having to sacrifice style.


Not always energy efficient

Aluminium windows aren’t always energy efficient. Good quality frames are good insulators and shouldn’t let the heat out of your house. But poor quality or old-fashioned aluminium frames can conduct heat and increase your bills.


Aluminium frames can be expensive. They certainly cost quite a bit more than uPVC frames, so if you’re on a budget aluminium frames may not be the best choice.

So aluminium window frames have both pros and cons. However, there are so many benefits to aluminium windows that they should be an option when you’re thinking about replacing your double glazing.

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Purchase price

Approx. £600-£750 per window

Installation time

1-2 days

Installation price

From approx. £100 per window

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable – strong and long-lasting
  • Rot and corrosion resistant
  • Flexible – it can be manipulated easily so is great if you have unusually-shaped windows
  • Aluminium conducts heat so it’s often not very energy efficient
  • They are more expensive than uPVC frames