Commercial Architects and the Architects Registration Board

The Architects Registration Board (ARB) register all architects in the UK. They are the regulatory body which enforces the Architects Act of 1997. The term ‘architect’ is protected, and the ARB hold the register of architects. This means that any person calling themselves an architect must be an ARB member. You can use the public register to check the qualifications of any architect. Read on to find out more about the benefits of ARB registered architects for commercial projects.

What is the ARB?

The Architects Registration Board is a regulatory body and a public corporation. They are responsible for holding the register of all qualified architects in the UK. The ARB check that those who register as architects have the correct qualifications and insurance policies. These insurance policies may cover public liability or professional indemnity. You should always choose an architect with appropriate insurance policies for your commercial project. Your own insurance policy may not cover negligence on the part of third parties that you employ.

The ARB also operate their own complaints procedure. This may offer you another method to dispute the quality of an architects work or conduct. The ARB set out a professional code of conduct for architects. The ARB can fine or suspend architects if they do not conduct themselves according to this code.

Any person calling themselves an architect who is not registered with the ARB can be prosecuted. Choosing an ARB registered architect means you can be confident you are working with a genuine professional architect.

The benefits of working with an ARB registered architect

There’s a range of benefits to working with an architect registered with the ARB. These include:

  • Being certain that a registered architect has the right qualifications and training. The ARB verify architects’ qualifications so you know you’re working with a trained professional.
  • The ARB operate their own complaints process. This may offer your business another option to resolve a dispute with an architect.
  • ARB registered architects must prove that they have suitable insurance.
  • The ARB regulate standards for architects. All registered architects must conduct themselves according to the ARB’s professional code of conduct.
  • The ARB also offer advice and guidance about working with architects. You can view this information on their website.

So now you know some of the benefits of choosing a registered architect to work with on your commercial project. It’s crucial that you make sure any architect you employ is ARB-registered, as any person that is not may be prosecuted and have to stop trading. You can check the ARB’s public register here.