How to Make Sure you use a Competent Asbestos Surveyor and Laboratory

asbestos surveyor ready to work

You want to ensure that your property is safe and suitable for people to live and work in, so it’s important that you use a competent asbestos surveyor. It’s also vital that you use a United Kingdom Accreditation Scheme (UKAS)-accredited laboratory to test your samples. Read on to find out how to find a competent asbestos surveyor and laboratory.

Finding a competent asbestos surveyor

According to the Health and Safety Executive, competent surveyors:

  • Have survey knowledge and know the risks in surveying
  • Have training and experience
  • Use a quality management system
  • Show independence and impartiality
  • Do their work in accordance with good practice guidance

You should use a UKAS-accredited organisation to carry out an asbestos survey as this means that a competent surveyor will do your asbestos survey for you. If you don’t use an accredited organisation, you run the risk of the asbestos surveyor missing vital signs of asbestos. Since asbestos can cause problems like lung cancer and mesothelioma when it is disturbed, you don’t want to have potential asbestos spores in your property that people could breathe in.

UKAS-accredited laboratories

UKAS accredits asbestos laboratories and can also help you find a laboratory that takes part in the Asbestos in Materials Scheme (AIMS). The AIMS assesses the performance of laboratories that identify asbestos in bulk materials. The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) operates the scheme, but laboratories must be UKAS-accredited to take part in the scheme.

Using a UKAS-accredited laboratory that participates in AIMS ensures that they are competent in asbestos analysis. This is particularly important if you have taken your own samples, as you may have to find a laboratory yourself.

Visit the UKAS website to find a list of AIMS laboratories. Alternatively, use our service to find an asbestos company that will do your survey for you, whether you need a management survey or a refurbishment/demolition survey.