Microgeneration Certification Scheme for Solar Hot Water

Solar thermal hot water systems are a serious investment. To protect your investment, choose an MCS certified installer. These installers are registered with the MCS quality assurance scheme, which guarantees that both the products they supply and the installations they carry out meet both British Standards and Trading Standards.

MCS certified installers are experts in their fields and will offer you the best service from advice to installation.

MCS certified installers are regulated

The Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) is linked closely to the MCS. Together, these two schemes ensure that every aspect of your solar thermal hot water system is regulated, and set standards that installers who sign up to these schemes must adhere to. These standards cover:

  • advertising and marketing
  • pre-contractual information
  • quotations
  • deposits
  • contracts
  • guarantees
  • after-sales service

The RECC and the MCS protect your consumer rights. This means that you can turn to them for help and advice if anything goes wrong.

Insurance and guarantees

MCS certified installers can offer you the Deposit and Workmanship Warranty Insurance Scheme. This provides deposit protection and makes sure that your system is covered by a warranty once installed.

The duration of warranties varies depending on the installer and manufacturer, but be sure that the warranty on your solar thermal hot water system covers it for at least as long as it will take to provide a return on your investment.

You can’t apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) without using an MCS installer

To apply for RHI and get money back for the heat your solar hot water system produces, you need to use an MCS certified installer. This is a legal requirement for your system to be eligible for the scheme, and you will need to supply evidence that your installer is certified.

The RHI tariff is set at 20.06p per kWh of heat that your system produces. If you install a 2,000kWh system, the RHI would pay you £401.20 per year or £2,808.40 over the seven years that your system is eligible for the scheme. This doesn’t include your energy bill savings!

All of these reasons make it vital for you to choose an MCS certified installer for your solar thermal hot water system. To find out more about the Microgeneration Certification Scheme or to check if an installer is certified, visit their website.