Air source heat pump

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps take advantage of a natural, environmentally friendly energy supply and help you to reduce household bills and cut home carbon emissions.

Heat is extracted from the outside air and fed through to your central heating and hot water supply. By taking advantage of air heat pumps you can see a saving of close to £700 a year on your heating bills.

Heat can be extracted from temperatures down to -15° C, so they’re suitable all year round and can even be used in the depths of winter.

The air source heat pump cost will vary depending on the size of system you choose to have installed.

Air source heat pump benefits

With air source heat pumps:

  • Lower your heating bills by up to £700 a year. Air source heat pumps have the capability to produce over 70% of your home’s heating requirements

  • Earn a fixed income with the Renewable Heat Incentive when heat pumps are added to the scheme. The Government is set to include heat pumps in 2013, with an expected rate around 8.5p/unit generating £850 income annually

  • Cut your home’s carbon footprint and help the environment with global warming issues

  • Avoid the need for gas or oil heating and as prices rise in the future you’ll make an even greater saving on your bills

  • Benefit from low maintenance and air heat pumps are known as fit and forget technologies

  • Have a quicker and easier installation to ground source heat pumps, with no need for a borehole in the back garden. What’s more it’s very unlikely you’ll need air source heat pump planning permission

Are air heat pumps suitable for my home?

Air source heat pumps are suitable for most homes, but you should take a look at the checklist below to find out if they are right for your circumstances.

  • Is there somewhere suitable the heat pump can be fitted?

The unit, similar in size to a radiator will have to be installed on the external wall of your home. It will need a good air supply and a sunny wall would be ideal.

  • Have you got a well-insulated home?

It would seem pointless to invest in a renewable source, only for heat to be escaping your property with inefficient windows or insulation. With double glazing, loft lagging or wall cavity insulation you can slash your bills even more

  • What heating system will you use?

Underfloor heating systems are proven to be more beneficial with air heat pumps, but they can in fact be integrated into any system.

Air source heat pump quotes

If you’re interested in renewable energy and want to reduce your bills, air source heat pumps could be the answer for you. You’ll be able to reduce your expenses by hundreds of pounds a year and cut your home’s carbon footprint.

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Air source heat pump activity in March 2018

Air source heat pump Projects in the UK in March 2018

February 2018 January / February
Greater London 1,640 0%
South East 1,570 -8%
South West 1,151 11%
East Of England 890 -3%
Scotland 871 -7%
North West 860 5%
Yorkshire & Humber 800 8%
East Midlands 796 18%
Wales 542 -4%
Western Midlands 522 -17%
Northern Ireland 222 -20%
North East 90 29%
United Kingdom 9,954 -1%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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