Asbestos removal

Asbestos was once commonly used in construction, primarily as an insulator to retain heat and keep the cold out. It also has great fire resistance and protects against corrosion.

This means that there are plenty of buildings out there with asbestos still in the walls and ceilings, so there’s the possibility of serious illness for homeowners and workers. In fact, all properties built between the ‘50s and 2000 are likely to contain asbestos in some form.

Government regulations

In line with 2006 Control of Asbestos Regulations, all materials containing asbestos must be removed and disposed of. The best way of ensuring you fall in line with these regulations is by using a contractor with Health & Safety Executive licensing.

Managing hazardous material such as asbestos is a huge responsibility and ignoring any problem that arises can lead to severe legal implications. Every homeowner and employer should be aware of their obligation to dealing with asbestos use in the property.

Health hazards

The dangers of asbestos are evident in the four very serious diseases explained below. This is why the removal of asbestos products is extremely important. Symptoms develop over years and you won’t be affected immediately. However, once you’ve been diagnosed it’ll often be too late.

Make sure to take action now and have asbestos materials removed from your property.

  • Mesothelioma

This form of cancer affects the lining of the lungs and is exclusively related to prolonged asbestos exposure. Once you have been diagnosed it will be too late and the disease is almost always fatal.

  • Asbestos-related lung cancer

Lung cancer caused from asbestos exposure has the same effects as cancer from smoking. Again, if it’s not caught early it’s likely to be fatal for the patient.

  • Asbestosis

This condition causes serious scarring of the lungs, normally resulting from prolonged asbestos exposure over several years. Once the condition sets in the patient will have shortness of breath and in severe cases asbestosis is fatal.

  • Pleural thickening

Heavy asbestos exposure can lead to pleural thickening. This can cause the lining of your lungs to swell and if symptoms worsen the lung will be squeezed, causing shortness of breath and chest discomfort.

Asbestos removal quotes

It’s clearly evident that asbestos can cause serious health problems and needs to be removed from buildings as quickly as possible to minimise exposure.

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Asbestos removal companies

Local Asbestos removal Projects

Project: Home owner Removal of asbestos roof of a single garage Within next 2 months Please call to appoint *
Project: Remove existing asbestos roof and replace with new roof plus fit new garage door Are you the property owner: Owner of the property Property Type: Semi detached How many bedrooms do you have: 3-4 ...
Project: PHONE QUOTE Contractor acting on behalf of his customer who he is doing a Bathroom Installation for. Bathroom Ceiling is Asbestos and needs to be removed (3m2 Approx) Please Call to Quote
Project: Homeowner Needs garage tested for asbestos Supplied and fitted Immediate Please call to appoint *
Project: doors appear to have asbestos sheets on the back and there is an asbestos connection to the flue Can you tell me if you could remove the asbestos items Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: Home owner Disposal of asbestos already removed from central heating boiler flue when boiler was removed and bagged up. The material weighs 1.4 kilos. Time scale: 1-3 months Please call to appoint
Project: stud wall, c 3m x 2.5m - may have asbestos in it and urgently needs checking and if asbestos removing as holding up building works - asap please, today?/ this week essential Homeowner Please conta...
Project: a asbestos survey on the lower half of a commercial/residential property Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: Homeowner Asbestos air test required Gas engineer needs to see a certificate of air test Please contact to appoint
Project: Homeowner to remove approx 160 sq feet of cement moulded asbestos boards which clads an existing loft conversion which is also over painted Please contact to appoint *
Project: Asbestos garage but not sure apart from the roof whether the rest of the garage is asbestos. Would like the asbestos parts of garage to be removed and disposed off Homeowner Please contact to appo...
Project: We think the ceiling in the garage and car port might be asbestos and would like a quote for its removal Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: A small pallet of corrugated asbestos has been fly tipped on to my drive. Pallet is 800mm x 80mm and is loaded to about 300mm high Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: Already removed,need disposed of garage roof.15" by 9".Already bagged up. Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: Artex (30% Asbestos) To Be Removed From All Ceilings Within 3 Bedroom House 1-3 Months Call To Assist
Project: Home owner Thinking of buying an arcon prefab single storey house expecting to find asbestos cement panels both in ceiling panels and walls could you quote for removal Time scale: 1-3months Contac...
Project: On behalf of property owner Collection of asbestos from chimney flue Please contact to appoint *
Project: Homeowner Asbestos removal Please contact to appoint asbestos flue in the airing cupboard and loft space
Project: Removal of garage roof believed to be corrugated asbestos and relace with galvanised panel Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: A concrete/asbestos water tank has been removed and needs to be taken away Homeowner Please contact to appoint

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Asbestos removal activity in June 2018

Asbestos removal Projects in the UK in June 2018

May 2018 April / May
Greater London 2,460 -17%
South East 1,770 -12%
North West 1,020 0%
Yorkshire & Humber 790 -8%
South West 771 3%
Western Midlands 722 -8%
East Of England 720 -4%
East Midlands 655 -16%
Scotland 621 -11%
Wales 396 -12%
Northern Ireland 237 -15%
North East 100 11%
United Kingdom 10,262 -10%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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