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Every single property needs a bathroom which looks great whilst also having a soothing sense to it. However, several houses are lumbered with a little space, or have worn out units and out-of-date appliances.

Renovating a bathroom is a great way to solve these problems and taking the suggestions and know-how of a specialist is often the best way to go about things.

With a lot of plumbing essential for accessories like toilets, showers and sinks, you'll really need to call on a specialist plumber to complete the installation. You'll also need a professional if you intend on rewiring the electrics too.

Whether or not you employ the very same space as before or extend the bathroom, it's very likely you'll require part or all of the installation done by an expert.

We can supply you with as many as 4 bathroom fitters in the area, who can offer quotes for the installation. You'll receive a property visit from specialists in Immingham who'll supply and install the bathroom for a terrific price.


Right now there are thousands of towns and villages all across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with a populace less than 30,000 and Immingham is among one of these. Not surprisingly, as you'd find anywhere else in the country there is a broad range of home types, whether or not it be older, standard houses or completely new, modern-day builds. Moving for whatever reason is considerably trickier as well. The financial burden of relocating house may amount to thousands of pounds, which has ensured more people have taken the decision to keep put and improve their present home as an alternative. You will find lots of ways to achieve this based upon your finances. Several of the more popular home developments include fitting photovoltaic systems, installing a brand new boiler, extending the property with a conservatory or remodeling space such as the loft area or garage. No matter what you're trying to find, make sure you work with our service and compare and contrast up to 4 quotes from experts in Immingham in order to find the best deal.

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Bathroom design and install companies in Immingham

Local Bathroom design and install companies *

Bathroom designer businesses

Bathroom installation companies (bathroom design, bathroom install) in Immingham. They are going to offer you quotes in Immingham for bathroom installation. Quotatis are focused on getting you the top prices in Immingham by looking at more than one hundred companies. All bathroom installation companies we assess are licensed and frequently appraised by new clients, making certain good quality along with professionalism.

1 Hall Lane, London - E4 8HH
Sag Construction
15a Arlow Road, LONDON - N21 3JS
JKH Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd
18 West Hamilton Street, MOTHERWELL - ML1 1YD
Simon Bozier Plumbing and Heating
70 Walker Grove, HATFIELD - AL10 9PL
Onyx Property Management Limited
1a Longelandes Close, Banbury - OX16 1EU

Reviews of local bathroom design and install companies in Brigg

By Mr Rick P.
0 1 2 3 4
Initially our dealings with Steve Brookes, started of well. I was looking to replace my bathroom as I had a damp issue. Which was our main concern. When Steve arrived, we told him what we were after; and that the damp issue was the reason why we were wanting the work done. Steve said that what ever would be needed to rectify the damp He would do within the agreed price. Replacing Ceilings & floors should it be required. We then mentioned that we was also thinking of having a wall taken out and expanding the size of our kitchen and have it re-done with up to date units. Steve was very enthusiastic in doing both jobs. Steve went away & drew up some plans for us. When Steve came back, we agreed what we wanted. We emphasised that we were after a first class finish with seamless flowing walls, coving & floor where the wall was to be removed. He assured us that this would not be a problem. Steve gave the impression that his teams consisted of Electricians , Plumbers, Plasterers, decorators, Kitchen fitters and any other trade that would be needed. What we actually got was a 74 year old man that could do all of these trade to a certain level. With his labourer. Not a team of 5 or 6 people that we were expecting. Steve made it quite clear that any snagging or problems afterwards would be dealt with in a quick & efficient manner. We were quoted two full weeks to complete the job where we would have one of his best teams totally dedicated to completing our job. His workers worked a seven-day week and would be here everyday. This all sounded excellent. We agreed on a price for the full job. He got his surveyor around straight away and we got the plans drawn up. The start date was for Friday the 19th of Feb. No one turned up until the Saturday afternoon. Harold who is 74 & Andy got stuck in, Quickly dismantling the kitchen. On the Sunday Harold came with a young lad. They took the wall out. The job processed quite quickly. One thing we did notice very early on was that any plumbing jobs did tend to leak slightly overnight. We would mention them to Harold the next day and he would stop the leak. The job took about 10 days in total. But We did not have Harold & Andy dedicated to our job alone. Some days they had gone to another job before coming to us. Other days they left early to go somewhere else. Although we did not like this at the time, we put up with it as they were getting the job done. At the end of the job, we gave Steve a list of things that we were not happy with. He said he would get Harold to come back and he would sort them out. When Harold came, he did not seem to want to be here for whatever reason and rushed all of the jobs. After he had gone and we had time to inspect the jobs properly there was many things that was still wrong, including the décor finish within the kitchen. We let Steve know this on the 3rd of March. I told Steve on the 7th of March that we wanted the job completed ASAP so we could move on. On Saturday the 12th of March, we had a major water leak under the sink. We had o turn the water off at the mains until it was fixed, I contacted Steve to see if we could get someone out to fix it. I was quoted it sods law; I was told he had no one available until the Monday. I asked Steve if we could get him here first thing. Harold turned up at 5.30 pm. With no tools to do the job. I had to lend him some of my tools. 3 Days with no running water is no good to anyone. Especially when Steve had taken Harold off my job to go to emergencies elsewhere. Harold fixed the leak eventually; He said that there was no more damage anywhere else. Harold had only just left when I had to call him back as when I let the water out of the sink. The waste pipe had been dislodged and water went everywhere yet again. As I was mopping everything up I noticed the base of the unit was indeed water damaged as the water had soaked into the wood and bubbled. Harold said he would get another one ordered. I let Steve know that we were not happy with his service and the lies that he keeps telling us, like saying someone is on the way when they were not. Leaving us with no water was not acceptable. I asked him from here on in I would like him to be totally honest with me and let me know what is happening and to keep me informed if things change. I made it quite clear that I was not interested in lies & excuses. I pointed out to Steve that now he has all of the money that he no longer cared about us as the customer. 5 days after the leak the floor began to bow & go wavy in front of the sink were the leak was. I contacted Steve, to get him to come out and look at it for himself. When Steve came out, he agreed that the floor would need relaying. He stated that it was to be lifted a metre into the room the full length of the room and relayed. Whilst Steve was here, I took him around the whole job and asked him for is honest opinion on the finish of the Decorating. Steve said that it was not very good. Gold door handles & door furniture had been partially painted over. The walls were not smooth, the gloss paint work had hardly any paint on it. I showed Steve the silver door & window edging that had been ill fitted with none of the corner joints meeting properly. The silver edging around the door had been painted over. The lights in the skirting boards kept popping out and the lights flickered even when no one had gone into the kitchen. The tops of the cupboards had not been finished off properly; they had only been painted with white ceiling paint instead of having the correct edging put on them. A silver trim around the pipe work to the radiator was cut to small. Many of the water pipes were showing signs of weeping. Some of the floor tiles were lifting. No extractor vent had been fitted to the outside wall from the shower and all of the steam was now going into my loft, and not outside. Bearing in mind it was the damp in the bathroom that was our initial problem. The boiler door needed adjusting. In addition, was showing signs of bowing. Kitchen unit doors and draws all needed adjusting and lining up. New taps were pitting already. The bathroom sink did not hold water. Steve agreed that we needed to get someone in to rectify the problems. Steve said that rather than to send Harold back. He would get Craig and his team in to go over everything. Steve made a big thing over that Craig was his best fitter. I agreed to this. Steve said that he would get him sorted and that he would send a decorator in to sort the decor out as well. I said that I thought that they would get in each other’s way. He said that they would not and would send them together. Steve told me that Craig would be with me on the 5th of April. After constantly, being told he is coming, then being told that he is not. Being given excuse after excuse. Being told that I have a perfectly serviceable Kitchen & Bathroom.. I pointed out to Steve that I had a perfectly serviceable kitchen & bathroom before his fitters had touched it. In addition, that neither of them had the defects to them as to what they have now. Steve did eventually send the decorator out on the 27th of April. He was here nearly all day. To try to sort the decor out as good as he could. Prior to him coming, I had already painted all of the gloss work. In the end, I told Steve that if Craig was not coming then he would need to send Harold to sort things out. Harold came out on the 1st of May. He arrived in one hell of a mood. He threatened to walk off site straight away. Because when I asked him if he had all of the things with him, he did not. I said to him is it any wonder that we are so annoyed with what is happening. I asked him not to leave but to do what jobs he could do whilst he was here. Harold did some of the jobs and said that he would be back the next Sunday to complete everything. I contacted Steve on the Friday to check that Harold was still coming; Steve said that he was not as the Boiler door had not turned up. When the door arrives then Harold would be here the next Sunday. I then got a phone call from John Steve’s surveyor, asking me for dimensions for the door so he could order it. So yet another lie from Steve, how can a door arrive if it had not been ordered in the first place? The door arrived on the Wednesday, as soon as I had checked it I let Steve know it was here. Therefore, Harold could come and finish everything off. Yet again, this was cancelled. I was then told, it would be Tuesday of that week. I explained to Steve that I would need to take a day’s holiday so I could be here, but still come. I text Steve on the Monday morning before I actually booked the day off to confirm it was definitely still happening. He confirmed it was. I took the day off. I contacted Steve at 10.20 am to let him know that Harold had not arrived. He told me that he was on his way. At 1 pm, there was still no sign so I contacted Steve again. I was told that Harold was just picking the bits up and was on his way, would be with me by 3.30pm. At 4 pm I was told by Steve that they were not coming as Harold has had problems with his van. Steve said that they would come on Sunday. I asked if there was any chance of coming either Wednesday Or Thursday, as I was on days off. Steve said he would try for Thursday. This too was cancelled as only part of the tap had arrived. If it was not there now it could not have been their on the Tuesday, when Harold should have been here. Another lie by Steve. Sunday the 22nd Of May Harold eventually turned up to complete the remaining jobs. He did most things on the list. However, we are still not completely satisfied. He would only lift a few tiles in front of the sink and screw the ply board down and relay new tiles. 5 tiles in total and not what Steve & I had agreed, that it was to be lifted a metre into the room the full length of the room and relayed. He also removed one tile where the wall use to be. He sprayed expanding foam under the floor and relayed the tile but the tile is the wrong direction. Plus the foam has expanded too much and now there is a lump in the floor. The silver edging has been replaced around the bathroom door but is still scratched and loose. Harold did not have the washer to seal the bathroom sink with him, so this still does not hold water. He said that he would get it posted on to me. This has still not arrived. The boiler door still does not close properly and the magnets do not even touch to hold the door shut. It took from the 3rd of March to the 22nd of May to get the snagging completed of sorts. 87 days with 15 to 20 separate promised dates that were not kept too by Steve Brookes Kitchens. Steve will promise you the earth and then laugh in your face, when it goes wrong. He doe not care what effect he is having on his customers. He only wants your sympathy on what is happening to him. He brags about how well he is doing, expanding his business, starting a new business and going on his holidays. None of which we are interested in when we are trying to get our jobs completed. He does not keep you informed as to what is happening. You have to chase him all of the time only to be given more excuses and lies. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Our experience with this company has put us off ever having a builder to do work on our property in the future. Very unprofessional manner towards us as a customer. Once he has your money he is not interested in you from then onwards. You will always now when Steve is lying to you. His lips will be moving. Still have no received my 5-year guarantee for the work he has done as promised.

Bathroom design and install projects

1 Enter your address
Customer visited site and submitted an enquiry via contacts form. Enquiry: No possession, but use, is the only riches
2 Perth Way
Strip out and fit bathroom suite, remove tiles and install wall panels. Shower to be fed from combi boiler
3 Garden Village, Immingham, North East Lincolnshir
Work description: Replacing the bath with a walk in shower of simular foot print..Possable replacement of sink & toilet. Retileing of the whole bathroom. I have had the floor replaced a few years ag...
Are you the property owner: Owner of the property What do you require in your bathroom: Toilet, Basin, Shower Have you considered replacing your whole bathroom suite: Yes What level of service do you...
5 County Road South
Homeowner Supplied and fitted Please contact to appoint
6 Milton Road
Bath Basin Toilet
7 Ballantyne Close Ballantyne Close
Are you the property owner: Owner of the property Property Type: Semi detached How many bedrooms do you have: 3-4 Other Forms: 63, None Agreed to recieve quotes for selected products: Yes Please call...
8 Prenwood House Crowle Road, Eastoft
Have an ensuite which needs complete renewal. Shower, sink and toilet. Also family bathroom which needs renovation including new bath. Would be happy to do some work ourselves to remove old tiles etc.
9 Aysgarth Station Road
Bathroom installation walk in shower sink toilet and tiling
10 Westhill, Hessle, East Riding of Yorkshire
*Property owner Bathroom design Work description: Thinking of full referb,tile floor walls floor to ceiling new 3 piece suit,just considering at the moment . Supplied and fitted Please call to app...
11 york Queen Street
Current bathroom to be removed and new bathroom to be installed. To include full fitting and tiling or shower panels for a small bathroom. Are you the property owner: Owner of the property What do you...
12 Westhill, Hessle, East Riding of Yorkshire
Customer visited the site and submitted an enquiry. Property type: House, Bathroom floor area: 7'6 X 10', Work description: Thinking of full referb,tile floor walls floor to c...
13 Whitestone Road
Are you the property owner: Tenant (with permission) Other Forms: 17, 63 Agreed to recieve quotes for selected products: Yes Please call to appoint
14 Manor barn Old Hill Cottages
Customer visited the site and submitted an enquiry. Property type: House, Bathroom floor area: 36, Work description: Remove existing steam shower and replace with newer model ...
15 Plymouth Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire
Property owner Bathroom design Work description: Utility room wants turning into shower room with toilet and hand basin. Washer needs to be in there too. Whole room will need tiling. Supplied and f...
16 Plymouth Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire
Customer visited the site and submitted an enquiry. Property type: House, Bathroom floor area: 42, Work description: Utility room wants turning into shower room with toilet an...
17 Meadow Road
Are you the property owner: Owner of the property What do you require in your bathroom: Toilet, Basin, Shower Have you considered replacing your whole bathroom suite: Yes What level of service do you...
18 Manor barn Old Hill Cottages
Customer visited the site and submitted an enquiry. Property type: House, Bathroom floor area: 36, Work description: Remove existing steam shower and replace with newer model ...
19 Ellis Close
Customer visited the site and submitted an enquiry. Property type: House, Bathroom floor area: 35, Work description: Strip and remove old. Move toilet to different wall. New h...
20 Gifford Close, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire
Customer visited the site and submitted an enquiry. Property type: House, Bathroom floor area: 10, Work description: Move bath along wall to underneath window. Install either...

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August 2020 July / August
Humberside 3 -70% <img src=

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Doncaster 1 100% <img src=

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