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Bedroom planning

With fitted bedrooms you’ll want to create an inviting, yet relaxing atmosphere. This is the room where you should really indulge to make it as comfortable and stylish as possible. By combining patterns, textures and colours, you’ll be able to remain individual yet have a fantastic finish.

Expert bedroom planners know how to get the most from a room and with our service you can receive up to four FREE quotes from reputable professionals who’ll design your new bedroom.

Bedroom planning ideas

  • The right colour

It’s no surprise that the softer shades of blues and greens are a popular choice for the bedroom as they’re seen as calming and tranquil. For north facing rooms this can create a colder feel, so opt for lilacs and pinks to bring in a sense of warmth.

One thing to note when planning your bedroom is to not be afraid of strong tones, which can help the room look smart. Colours such as chocolate brown, aubergine and deep turquoise are growing in popularity.

Energising colours are great for those who don’t struggle to fall asleep at night but will need that lift in the mornings to get them out of bed. A yellow, cranberry or turquoise effect will be a fantastic addition to the room, but keep it to just one wall or you risk overpowering.

  • The furniture

The bedroom furniture is obviously an important part of the room’s final look, so it’s important to make decisions based on how you want to room to feel.

For instance you could easily choose between a stylish aesthetic appeal or even a comfortable, inviting look with the fitted bedroom furniture. With the bedroom you have many accessories to decide on, from the bed, drawers and wardrobes, to lamps, mirrors and curtains.

Everything will have an effect, so in a similar way to the colour scheme, pick furnishings that offer the warm feel without being too overpowering.

With bedroom planners you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your ideas with a professional who’ll seek to create your perfect bedroom environment.

Bedroom planning quotes

It’s crucial to get your bedroom’s design right and choose colours and furnishings to compliment your room.

For up to four FREE bedroom planning quotes, just complete our quick form and hear back from the professionals.

Average Bedrooms design and install cost

The common cost of Bedrooms design and install is £3200. Costs can change based on the materials and the firm chosen. The upper price range can be as high as £3840. The material costs are in most cases approximately £1050

Average price per Bedrooms design and install job in 2024

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

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Avg. price high






Prices based on actual Bedrooms design and install costs for your area, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Bedrooms design and install installation cost in your area 2024

Labour cost £2,000
Material cost £1,050
Waste removal £150
Time frame: 1-3 days

Advantages for Bedrooms design and install

  • A designer will often be able to take your ideas and come up with a fantastic solution
  • The standard of the finished bedroom will generally be higher, compared to a DIY job
  • You could save money! Designers can often lower the cost of premium materials compared to if you sourced them yourself
  • Elements like electrics should only be handled by a professional - for your family's safety

Disadvantages for Bedrooms design and install

  • Getting someone to design and build your dream bedroom will cost more than DIY

Bedrooms design and install Manufacturers

Bedrooms design and install FAQs

How to soundproof a bedroom?

A bedroom is meant to be a quiet zone and personal getaway from the chaos of the outside world. However, there are times when the noise coming from the outside would just be too unbearable to put up with. You can’t always control the noise that surrounds your bedroom and even more so when it comes from the neighbours’ house or the streets. The best solution here would be to mitigate this with some simple soundproofing solutions. These are tricks can you can do by yourself, however if you’re not confident enough to pull this off, then it’s advisable to get in touch with a seasoned professional for help. In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the bedroom soundproofing techniques. Let’s take a look!

  • Cover the gap under the door. One of the means through which sound can travel into your bedroom is beneath your bedroom door. In order to tackle this in an effective way, you can close it by adhering rubber weather stripping to the bottom of the door.
  • Upgrade the door of your bedroom. If your bedroom has a hollow core door which possesses a thin outer layer of wood with plastic or cardboard inside, then you’re likely to be feel more noise in your personal space than if you install a solid wood door. Making use of a heavy duty solid wood door will help block out unwanted noises from your room.
  • Put the sound in the cloud. The solution may actually lie in the cloud particularly a ceiling cloud which is an acoustical foam cloud that is hung from the room’s ceiling to block out echoes and absorb noises.
How to plan out a bedroom?

Are you interested in tips on how you can plan out your bedroom? Well, you’re at the right place! When it comes to planning out a bedroom, there’s a need to create the right balance between function and style. This may seem easy, but its very probable to get lost half way through the task. However, since we spend a great third of our lives sleeping, it’s simply a no brainer to invest a little time and effort so as to make sure the room is worth the while. In order to help you plan a harmonious space you’ll love spending time in, we’ve put together these plan-to-perfection bedroom ideas. Let’s take a look!

  • Make the bed a priority. Being a dominant feature in the room, the bed commands a lot of attention. As such, a lot of thought must go into setting it up. You should try to get creative with the setting in order to make sure the bed has a strong influence on the overall look of your room.
  • Choose a streamlined storage. For a relaxing and comfy space, the less clutter the better. Here, you can put into consideration customized built in furniture which helps you inject orderliness and putting every inch of space to use.
  • Make use of a comfy underfoot. On a chilly night, stepping onto a soft carpet with bare feet is always a great way to kick start a good night rest. You can opt for wool due to its bounce and natural warmth.
  • Ensure that your windows are adaptable. Go for a flexible set up and privacy during the day time with underlined curtains featuring sheer voile panels alongside a blackout blind for daytime.
  • Layer the light. Dimmable low energy LED ceiling spots around the edges of the room and directed to wash over the walls and curtains are perfect background light.
  • Create a relaxing mood. This is essential for every bedroom as it’s meant to be a quiet zone.
How much does it cost to get a bedroom designed and built?

Do you know we spend a great third of our lives asleep? Well, this also means that we spend a third or more of our lives in the bedroom. Therefore, your room represents a space where you should invest a little bit more of time and effort when compared to the other less used rooms in the home. If you’re interested in getting a new bedroom built and fitted in your home, then you’d probably want to know just how much it’ll cost to get it done. Being an important point to consider before getting started, we’ll do our best to provide you with the most accurate answer.


In truth, the cost of getting a bedroom designed and built depends on number of factors from flooring to furniture and everything in between. Bedroom, being a reflection of the home owner’s style and tastes includes a wide range of designs as well as features which goes a long way to determine the cost. When it comes to designing a building, there are a lot of options which includes the furniture required, style of bed, desks, pull out or sliding wardrobe drawers, flooring, handles, lighting, power outlets and more. As a result, the cost of building and designing your bedroom will be based on your choices.


In general, most home owners will incur within the range of £3000 to £20,000 to fit and design a new bedroom. In order to get a more accurate estimate of your new bedroom cost, it’s advisable to consult your designers and talk through what you’re looking for as well as what your budget is.

How to design a bedroom?

Are you looking for awesome tips on how to design a beautiful room? We’ve got you covered! A bedroom should be a private getaway and sanctuary which showcases your favourite colours, feeling and lots more about you. As a result, a lot of thought and effort should go into making your resting space the best possible place for you to have a good and comfortable night rest, free from all worries and chaos of the outside world. If you don’t feel confident enough to pull this off by yourself, we’d recommend hiring the services of a professional who can ensure you bedroom is exactly how you want it. In this guide, we’re going to look at a number of tips to help you make your room a place you can always cherish and have a sound sleep.


  • Choose a subtle colour. Make use of restful palette of monochromatic tones and soothing shades rather than bold primary colours. If your favourite are the bold ones, simply incorporate toned down versions of them in the bedroom in order to help set a relaxing mood in the space.
  • Don’t ignore the ceiling. This is what you see when you lie on your back in bed. It’s the third wall in the room and some thought should also be injected to ensure it suits the mood you want to create perfectly. You can pain the wall a lighter version of the wall colours or simply stencil, wallpaper the ceilingor incorporate a decorative paint.
  • Keep it simple. Regardless of the style of decorating you opt for, the bedroom should always look simple, cozy, elegant and also sophisticated. Make it as simple as possible for ease of movement and more.
  • Choose the right size of furniture. Your furniture should fit the room perfectly.
How to design a small bedroom?

Is your tiny bedroom getting you worried? Well, you’ve come to the right place. When the bedroom is small, it’s normal to get a bit confused on how to plan it out. The furnitures and colours to use, the placement or arrangement of items and many others create a huge headache for several home owners. It not uncommon for it to seem like your options are limited to only squeezing a bed somewhere, however there are actually some ways to pack a lot of styles into your limited bedroom space. In this post, we’re going to put you through some incredible small bedroom ideas to help you maximize your space and inject new life into your room.

  • Keep the layout simple. The only magic trick to a small bedroom is having a simple layout. You don’t have too many choices here but always have in mind that the functionality is equally as important as the style.
  • Go for accents that add colour. For a small room, you should not be afraid to go dark using colours like gray, navy blue and the likes,but also ensure you bring in plenty of light in order to keep the room from actually feeling dark and claustrophobic. Once done, you can add you favourite colours using accents achieve this purpose.
  • Create the illusion of space. You can create an illusion of space by hanging drapery as close to the ceiling as possible. A great trick would be to match the fabric to the wall colour for the best effect.
  • Remove the clutter. Don’t crowd the space with stuff. There should be an ease of movement and you can also make sure the room is clean at all times
  • Bring in the outdoors. It’s always a great idea to add some life into your small space.
How to decorate a bedroom?

If you’re decorating a room from scratch, then you’d probably need some help especially if its your first time. Bedroom decoration is not as easy as it seems, and you’d definitely need to put a lot more things into consideration when compared to other rooms that are less used in your home. Your bedroom should be decorated in such a way to enable a calm and relaxing atmosphere which is conducive enough to guarantee a peaceful night rest. In order to help you achieve this goal and ensure all necessary areas are touched, we’ve put together this guide which covers the essential aspects of bedroom decoration. Let’s take a look!

  • Colour. The wall colour of your bedroom speaks volume about the overall appearance of your room. This aspect is,however, often overlooked but its importance can not be overemphasized. Light blue is always a great choice as it can help induce sleep. However, you can also go for colours like red or royal blue if you feel daring but you must have a lot of natural light entering your bedroom for this to work. The best colours, however, are whites and blues.
  • Light. This is another important consideration. It’s essential to make sure your room is properly illuminated when its dark out and the best option is usually a centrally placed ceiling light.
  • Bed. The bed should work hand in hand with the wall colour and lighting of your room. Once the wall colours and lighting is in place, then you can start looking at beds that would perfectly suit your vision.
  • Storage. Bedroom are not only meant for sleeping, as you’ll also need a storage for keeping clothing and personal items organized.
  • Decor. This involves decorating your room to reflect your personal taste and style. You can consider a rug, wall art, mirror, candles and even books.


How much are fitted wardrobes?

Having your very own customized wardrobe fitted is an amazing prospect. However, when considering made to measure fitted wardrobe, one thing that most often puts off several home and property owners is the believe that opting for a bespoke solution might prove to be too expensive. In reality, getting fitted wardrobes as well as sliding wardrobe doors shouldn’t exceed the budget especially when you’re prepared for any of the associated costs. In this guide, we aim to provide you with a good insight into the world of fitted wardrobe pricing to help you make informed decisions moving forward. Let’s take a look!


If you’ve long considered investing in a new fitted wardrobe or perhaps this is your first time venturing into the premium wardrobe furniture world, there’s a high chance you’d probably want to the cost of fitted wardrobes so you can set a budget and begin to plan. Well, just like many other home improvement projects, this question does not have a straightforward answer. The price will always vary mainly due to the fact that fitted wardrobes have a highly customized nature as well as the option to either install it yourself or have a professional team to install it for you. There are some companies that’ll give you a fixed and non-negotiable price, however there are also other suppliers with prices ranging from £1500 for standard wood finish wardrobes to about £5000 or more for premium finishes. Do note that these prices do not include the cost of added extras which implies that you’re likely to incur more expenses for interiors and additional features you’re going to need.

How to divide a bedroom into two rooms?

Whether you have a 5 bedroom home or a studio apartment, at times your space may just not be constructed the way you like. Primarily, what comes to naturally comes to mind would be a bit of a reno or perhaps a bigger place, but when you take into account the price, time and energy that would be invested you may be forced to consider other possibilities. In the event whereby you’re unable to add walls, room dividers are a cost effective option which would not only help divide your space but also inject a splash of personality and style into your room. Dividers allow you to optimize your small bedroom, living room and other spaces to your personal taste. The layout can be easily changed to provide an additional privacy, maximize storage and more. In this post, we’re going to look at some of the ways you can incorporate to divide your bedroom into two rooms that’s budget friendly.

  • Bookshelf divider. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a bookworm or not, a bookshelf represents a stylish way you can incorporate to break up your bedroom.
  • Plant divider. To make for more privacy and section off a space, a plant divider will deliver a great job. This crafty loft utilizes a shelving unit to close off the bedroom area while also providing a statement piece as well as a work space.
  • Curtains to section off sleeping area. Curtains represent a great option to turn to especially when you wish to get creative. For an ultra small bedroom where you can’t have doors or even foldable dividers, diving the spaces with fabric can make the entire difference you require.

Interior design bedroom 2021/ Home Decorating Ideas

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