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With fitted bedrooms you’ll want to create an inviting, yet relaxing atmosphere. This is the room where you should really indulge to make it as comfortable and stylish as possible. By combining patterns, textures and colours, you’ll be able to remain individual yet have a fantastic finish.

Expert bedroom planners know how to get the most from a room and with our service you can receive up to four FREE quotes from reputable professionals who’ll design your new bedroom.

Bedroom planning ideas

  • The right colour

It’s no surprise that the softer shades of blues and greens are a popular choice for the bedroom as they’re seen as calming and tranquil. For north facing rooms this can create a colder feel, so opt for lilacs and pinks to bring in a sense of warmth.

One thing to note when planning your bedroom is to not be afraid of strong tones, which can help the room look smart. Colours such as chocolate brown, aubergine and deep turquoise are growing in popularity.

Energising colours are great for those who don’t struggle to fall asleep at night but will need that lift in the mornings to get them out of bed. A yellow, cranberry or turquoise effect will be a fantastic addition to the room, but keep it to just one wall or you risk overpowering.

  • The furniture

The bedroom furniture is obviously an important part of the room’s final look, so it’s important to make decisions based on how you want to room to feel.

For instance you could easily choose between a stylish aesthetic appeal or even a comfortable, inviting look with the fitted bedroom furniture. With the bedroom you have many accessories to decide on, from the bed, drawers and wardrobes, to lamps, mirrors and curtains.

Everything will have an effect, so in a similar way to the colour scheme, pick furnishings that offer the warm feel without being too overpowering.

With bedroom planners you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your ideas with a professional who’ll seek to create your perfect bedroom environment.

Bedroom planning quotes

It’s crucial to get your bedroom’s design right and choose colours and furnishings to compliment your room.

For up to four FREE bedroom planning quotes, just complete our quick form and hear back from the professionals.

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