3 Ways to Improve Your Roof AND Save Money

When was the last time you paid your roof any attention? Extensions, decorating and renovating often spring to mind when we think of home improvements but upgrading or repairing your roof can have a significantly positive impact on the rest of your home and, if you follow these simple steps, it can even save you money in the long run.

1. Insulate Your Roof

Significant advances have been made in recent years resulting in a smarter approach being taken when it comes to roofing leading to huge long-term savings for homeowners. There’s no area of roofing where this applies more than that of insulation.

Using innovative and forward-thinking roof insulation products such as the Eco Roof™ thermal blanket, which combines a re-roof with powerful roof insulation, can seriously boost the energy efficiency levels of your home, keeping valuable heat inside.

How you save money:

eco roofInsulating products such as the Eco Roof™ can save you up to £500 a year on your heating bills, whilst increasing your property’s energy efficiency levels by two bands on its Energy Performance Certificate.

Insulating your roof is a worthwhile investment, increasing the value of your home whilst the insulation eventually pays for itself with all the savings you make. With your home insulated, the money you would have spent heating your home can be spent elsewhere, including family holidays or other home improvements!

2. Choose experienced & qualified and recommended contractor

It may sound obvious but you’d be surprised at how many homeowners settle for a cheap price without first doing their homework on the contractor they are trusting to do the job. Research a variety of roofing contractors and choose one who’s business is built on solid foundations and has at least a couple of years industry experience behind them for your peace of mind.

You’re perfectly within your rights to ask to see the contractor’s roofing qualifications and accreditations. It’s always a good idea to ask around for recommendations and investigate their customer testimonials. Using our service and looking at reviews on Which? Trusted Trader or Competent Roofer are strong indicators of reliability and high-skill level, whilst you should always double check that any work is carried out to  BS 5534 (The British Standards for Slating and Tiling) standards.

How you save money:

The saying “if you’re going to do a job, do it right” applies here. By investing in a time-served certified roofing contractor who adheres to the appropriate standards and practices, you’re more likely to receive a job well done- saving you from forking out for costly roof repairs and maintenance expenses later down the line.

3. Make smarter roofing decisions

Got a conservatory or orangery? Why not consider a modern, tiled conservatory roof rather than a polycarbonate one?  U-Value is the measurement of how effective a material is at being a heat insulator. Tiled conservatory roofs boast impressive insulating properties, having an incredible U-Value of less than 0.18, ensuring you can enjoy your conservatory all-year round as it stays at a comfortable temperature no matter the season!

Another wise choice includes opting for triple glazing when you install roof windows or skylights, increasing the energy efficiency of your roof whilst allowing natural daylight to filter in and brighten your home.

If your garage, extension or dormer has a flat roof then it might be a good idea to add a Warm Roof. This type of roof adds extra insulation boards over the top of the existing roof structure, keeping the timbers of the roof insulated and warm.

How you can save money:

Increasing the energy efficiency of your home by any means, whether it’s by a tiled conservatory roof, triple glazed roof windows or a Warm Roof saves you significant amounts on your heating bills.

Polycarbonate conservatory roofs are also susceptible to leaks and getting dirty quickly but you save money with less maintenance expenses and upkeep costs with tiled conservatory roofs staying more durable, attractive and reliable for longer.

By taking the correct steps like the ones above, you can ensure your new roof is an investment that works for you now and in the future.


Emily Rivers is the Customer Experience Manager at Quotatis. She informs customers of the latest developments in a range of products so they can make the best choice for their homes and ensures they get the best out of our service.