5 Ways to Enjoy National Unplugging Day

It’s National Unplugging Day, the day when parents around the UK pledge to spend the entire day without technology. Whilst the aim of this day is to allow families to increase their emotional and physical wellbeing by tackling technology overuse, it’s also a great way to help the environment.

The thousands of different gadgets available now all need electricity to power on or charge up. That means that many of us have seen our bills rise in the past decade or so. Simply cutting down on how often you use technology can make a huge difference.

So what can you do to enjoy National Unplugging Day? We’ve put together a few ideas.

1. Visit a country park

If it’s a nice day, go out and appreciate the great outdoors. There are plenty of parks and green spaces available to enjoy across the country, even if you live in a big city. There are Country Parks, National Parks and many more across the UK. Visit the National Parks website to find out about the 15 we have in the UK.

2. Have some quality family time

Why not invite all the family round and have a day of catching up, eating good food and playing games? The children can be kept happy with some of your old board games you played with as a child and the adults can spend the time reminiscing about growing up without technology.

3. Put up that shelf

You’ll probably find that you seem to have more time on your hands by not using technology all day, so why not use it for a bit of DIY? Put up those shelves that have been sitting there for months and go round the entire house looking for things that could do with a bit of TLC

4. Do some decorating

If you’ve been putting off decorating your spare bedroom, start on that today. Even the kids can help out with a bit of painting (if you trust them!). If you can’t get that far into decorating, you could at least go to a DIY store and start comparing colour swatches.

5. Think about getting solar panels

If the day has been too long for you and you can’t cope without your technology, why not think about getting solar panels to power all your devices? Solar electricity is carbon neutral and a renewable resource, so it’s great for the environment.

You might not technically be able to start your research on the day, but you can use our service to get quotes from reliable solar companies who can help you generate your own electricity and get paid to do it too.

So on National Unplugging Day, ensure you spend lots of time with your family, but also consider how you can do your bit for the environment too.

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