6 Small-Budget Living Room Décor Ideas

Your living room is one of your home’s most important spaces. Whether you’re socialising with friends, spending time with family or just relaxing on your own, this is often the ideal place to do it. So it needs to look good!

If you browse for living room décor ideas, you may think it all looks quite expensive. The truth is that careful planning and investment can give you the social space of your dreams at little cost. Here are six small-budget ways to make that old living room feel fresh and inviting.

1. Repaint

Striking feature wall - Living room decor ideas
Simple feature wall – Living room decor ideas

Repainting your living room is a great way to give it a new look without spending too much money. If you get a professional painter, the cost may be higher than you wanted, but their expertise ensures great results – probably better than DIY painting. On the other hand, doing it all yourself is much cheaper and good practice towards achieving that perfect look for this or any room you want to redecorate next.

When buying your paint, choose carefully:

  • Avoid dark, intense colours as they’ll make your living room feel small and gloomy
  • Go for light shades that will give the room personality without taking over
  • Consider feature walls with two complementing colours, one soft and one deep – the right combination can give a space new dimensions and flair
  • However, this element is usually a no-no among small living room décor ideas

A feature wall is the least expensive option for upgrading the space’s vibe. Simply repaint a section of a wall with a different colour. Choosing a good shade is the tricky part, but it can also be a lot of fun. Go for something bold to accentuate the living room. A light and sweet shade – mint green or pink – creates the illusion of more space.

2. Revamp your flooring

Have you looked down at your floor lately? Sprucing it up is one of the best living room décor ideas you’ll appreciate for longer. You could even try and match one of Taylor Swift’s striking homes. If you take up the challenge and have wooden flooring, they could do with a really good clean and polish. But be careful with cleaning products and machines. They can damage the floor instead of improving it. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use.

You could then add a carpet, which you can get at a range of prices. If you already have a fitted carpet, a deep clean would benefit it too. If you’d like to install one and don’t want to spend on professional help, it’s a DIY job that doesn’t take too much time or money, as long as you have the right measurements and instructions.

3. Refurnish or upgrade

Refurnish in greys and blues - Living room decor ideas
Furniture in greys and blues – Living room decor ideas

Replacing your sofas, chairs or other pieces of furniture is guaranteed to give your living room a new look. And doing so may not be as expensive as you think, especially if you manage to sell the old stuff. Try arranging the new furniture differently. When it comes to small living room décor ideas, this strategy can make the room more spacious and interesting.

Instead of heading out to a mainstream furniture shop, consider taking a look in some end-of-line furniture outlets. There are lots of shops that stock furniture from major high street brands that has been returned or is leftover stock. Products from these outlets are often as high-quality as furniture straight from a high street shop but are considerably cheaper.

You can also get lots of second-hand furniture at great prices. They’re not always being sold because of their bad condition. People often just don’t need their coffee table anymore or don’t have space for it. Keep an eye out in local charity shops and on online sites and you may find a great bargain.

Instead of buying whole furniture, you could just change the covers. Dress your sofa and cushions in new colours, patterns or textures that complement the surrounding themes. This alone can make your new living room pop.

4. Add lighting

Windows let in plenty of light, but sometimes you just need that extra shine. Warm colours from above or different corners can give your living room the perfect ambience. Look for options that fit your budget. Floor lamps can be the cheapest choice that also gives enough lighting. Table lamps can cost even less, while adding their own flair.

If a ceiling light is all you can fit in your living room, don’t worry. There are many cheap options available at local and online retailers. You could get a chandelier for around £25 – even lower on sales. Spotlights can come at the same price ranges for a more modern look.

5. Hang up curtains

Cosy armchair and sheer curtains - Living room decor ideas
Nice armchair and sheer curtains – Living room decor ideas

Cover windows with curtains that boost the space’s feel. Choose a soft colour or a bolder hue that doesn’t overpower all other features. Of the many living room décor ideas out there, this is one of the most versatile solutions. For example, hanging floor length curtains from nearer the ceiling adds height to the space.

The curtains’ texture is just as important as the colour. Sheer materials are soft and calming to the eye and touch. However, if blocking strong sunlight is a must when shopping for curtains, go for a thicker range and darker colour.

6. Add small decorations

From picture frames to plants and interesting coasters, browse stores and charity shops for small, clever decorations. They could be just the right splash of extra colour missing from your beautifully renovated living room.

Bigger home décor ideas could fit perfectly too. Just be careful not to buy something that dominates the space or clashes with other features. It’s best to only have one or two focal points for your living room. This is vital for small rooms – they’re so easy to fill up!

How much does it cost to decorate a living room?

Décor ideas Average price ranges
Painting one room £190 – £300
Hard floor cleaning and polishing £60+
Carpet cleaning £60+
End-of-line sofas £79 – £2,000
Sofa covers £20 – £100
Table lamps £10 – £65
Floor lamps £20 – £500
Ceiling lights £25 – £675
Curtains £6 – £70
Ornaments £3 – £80

Creating your dream living room doesn’t have to break the bank. Use these handy tips to plan ahead what your new space should look like. Then turn the room into an attractive and stylish area for you to enjoy and be proud of.

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