6 Ways to Improve your Home without Spending a Thing

It’s really easy to get bored with the decor your home. If you’ve not got the budget to completely redecorate a room, try our 6 tips to improve your home.

1. Keep it tidy

Yes, we know it’s difficult when you’ve got kids or you’re just not a very tidy person. But you’ll really appreciate your home if it’s tidy.

Consider taking a weekend to sort out your cupboards and other storage spaces. You’ll find that once you’ve de-cluttered you’ll find it much easier to keep on top of your mess.

2. Create your own art

You don’t need to splash out on expensive art to give your home a new look. Frame kids’ paintings, make a collage out of family photos or even have a go at painting or drawing yourself. You’ll spice up a room that was looking a bit drab in no time.
improve your home decorating

3. Clean up your furnishings

Don’t forget to vacuum your sofas and underneath coffee tables and chairs. And if your sofa or guest bed is looking a little past its best, cover it with throws and cushions that make it more inviting.

4. Everything is better when it smells nice

You can create lovely smells without having to spend any money. The smell of freshly made coffee is one that most people love and perfumes always go down well. Have a look in your cupboards and see if you’ve got any left over diffusers or other home scents that you may have forgotten about.

5. Harness natural light

It makes a difference to your mood and to the look of the room when you move furniture to face windows. Relaxing in a light and airy living room is much nicer than sitting in a dark and drab room.

Try putting mirrors in dark rooms where they can reflect light. It will make the room brighter as well as making you happier.

6. Focus on one room at a time

If you really want to improve your home, start off in the room that you think needs it the most. Spend a whole weekend recycling, giving away or binning all your unwanted clutter and maybe even repaint if you’ve got any spare tins lying around.

You could even move some furniuture from elsewhere in the house to give it a new lease of life and a new look.

So what steps are you going to take to improve your home this summer? Tweet us @Quotatis to let us know.

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