8 Top Baking Essentials for Your Kitchen

We’ve just updated this list, adding on 2 extra essentials especially for 2020.

We’re on the edge of autumn and, with a new series of the Great British Bake Off on the go, now is the perfect time to get your oven gloves on. And whether you’ve got a long-term kitchen or have exciting redesign plans, it’s worth checking that you’ve got the top latest baking essentials in your kitchen.

Keep reading to find out our 6 favourite baking essentials for your cupboards.

1. Oxo 1L Angled Measuring Jug – £15.99

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This nifty measuring jug is great if you find yourself cooking with liquids regularly. Its angled measuring scale is ridiculously handy as it means that you can check ingredient levels from above. This feature, coupled with its grippy handle, makes it ideal for speedy bakers. If the price puts you off, it’s also available in a few smaller sizes.

2. Joseph Joseph TriScale – £28.96

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Joseph Joseph’s foldable scales are the perfect tool for quick and easy weighing. They’ve got simple controls that let you reset the weight and change measuring unit easily.

But their 3 folding legs are what make them a truly brilliant baking essential. These make it easy for you to fit the scales onto a crowded work surface while still providing enough support for your measuring container. Plus, when you’re not using them you can fold them neatly into a drawer or bag if you need them on the move.

3. Microplane Grater – £34.54

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This Microplane grater has a grand total of 5 different sections so you can grate anything you need – from carrots to lemons to cheese this grater’s got your back. It’s also got some great little features, which make it much easier to use than your bog-standard grater.

It has a non-slip base to keep it firm on your work surface and a sliding tray so you can release the gratings where you need to. Plus, it has a safety cover, which stops you from grating your knuckles on its super sharp blades when you’re groping around for it at the back of the cupboard.

4. Aircraft Aluminium Rolling Pin – £44.99

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Before you baulk at the idea of spending nearly £45 on a rolling pin, hear us out. If you take your dough seriously, investing in this aluminium pin could revolutionise your baking. You can chill it in the fridge before you use it, which makes it perfect for recipes that require you to fold butter into dough without melting it.

It also has some handy measuring marks if you need to roll your dough out to a certain size. And its composition means that it will be a baking essential in your kitchen for as long as you need it.

5. AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat – £9.99

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Amazon’s silicone baking mats are a brilliant alternative to oil and baking parchment and are well worth the money. Using them to line your tins means no more tedious cutting out baking parchment and peeling it off your biscuits when they get stuck. You can pop these mats in the dishwasher and use them time and time again, which will save you money on oil and baking parchment and is more environmentally friendly.

6. Lakeland & Mary Berry Flour Sifter – £8.90

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This simple sifter is a top baking essential and could be a great addition to your kitchen. It has an extra-fine mesh, which makes it brilliant for dusting icing sugar as well as flour, and means you won’t get any ugly clumps on your freshly-baked Victoria sponge. It’s also small, which makes it easy to control, hold and store, and is see-through so you can see how much you’ve sifted. With a lid to keep the contents fresh and endorsement from the queen of baking herself, what’s not to like?

7. Kitchenart Adjustable Teaspoon – £8.99

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This recently released Kitchenart adjustable measuring spoon is a  convenient way to measure out all your baking ingredients. Instead of fiddling about with a set of measuring spoons, simply use this adjustable spoon and make it super easy to accurately measure and pour the ingredients you’re using.

8. Colourworks Silicon Kitchen Utensils Set – £13.50

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This set of silicon kitchen utensils are everything you need to make your baking easy. Their smooth, silicon surface make it simple to mix, stir and move your baked goods around in the kitchen.

Plus, the tough silicon material is extremely easy to clean, gentle on non-stick cookware, and heat, stain and odour-resistant, too. Get the perfect set of silicon kitchen utensils, and never worry about getting dough stuck on your mixing spoon again.

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