Calming greys and yellows - Flat decoration ideas

9 Flat Decoration Ideas for a Cosy Home

Lots of people choose to live in the city because they enjoy an exciting and fast-paced way of life. A city flat gives you a great opportunity to be in the thick of the action. But after a busy day in the city, you also need somewhere to relax and unwind. With these nine flat decoration ideas, you can transform that limited space into a dreamy haven. Keep reading for plenty of inspiration.

1. Choose a calm colour scheme

Calming greys and yellows - Flat decoration ideas
Calming greys and yellows – Flat decoration ideas

The colours in your home can make a big difference to how it feels. Bright shades can be stylish and exciting but often make it hard to relax. Go for cool, light colours mixed with creams and greys to create a calm, soothing atmosphere.

You can do this yourself or get extra flat decorating ideas from local tradespeople. This could include the perfect colour combination for your needs and your home’s structure. It all counts towards planning the perfect effect.

2. Dress your windows

The shape and colour of your curtains can change the whole look and feel of your flat.

  • Light shades are calming, but you may want to go for something that inspires happiness too, like soft pinks or yellows
  • Consider blackout curtains for your bedroom to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

There’s a functional point to curtains too. For example, you’re unlikely to feel relaxed in your flat if you feel like your neighbours are watching your every move.

  • Put up some curtains or blinds to make your flat feel cosier and more private
  • Net curtains are a great option as they obscure the view into your home but still let in plenty of natural light

3. Create a window nook

Cool window nook - Flat decoration ideas
Flat decoration ideas – Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Looking out into the city is very different to being right in the middle of it. Create a cosy window seat where you can look out into the city or escape into another world with your favourite book. There are plenty of flat decoration ideas, especially for booklovers. Find the easiest and most appealing to add to your nook of peace and quiet.

  • Cover it with cushions and throws
  • Add clever shelving under the seat or on the walls
  • Decorate the glass with stickers, stencils or painted drawings
  • Add warm but adequate LED lighting for reading
  • Candles give even more ambience – just make sure to put them out after

4. Arrange your furniture

Move that sofa and table around to maximise the space of your kitchen or living room. If you have chunky furniture, you could exchange them for smaller ones. And don’t underestimate foldable furniture. They can save you loads of room and include clever storage solutions. If you’re also wondering how to decorate a flat on a budget this is a good way to spruce it up effectively and even get some money back.

5. Bring in some nature

Pretty indoor plants - Flat decoration ideas
Pretty indoor plants – Flat decoration ideas

Getting some plants is a great way to make your city flat more relaxing. Whether you fancy flowers or foliage, plants will improve the air in your home and make it a more pleasant place to be. You don’t need a fortune to buy some attractive plants, just head down to your local supermarket or garden centre.

6. Add plenty of lighting

Windows provide loads of natural lighting, which stimulates the body and improves your mood. Additional warm lighting in strategic places – corners, over the bed, across the bookcase – creates more of a calming, inspiring atmosphere. Hanging up mirrors is one of many more flat decorating ideas to improve lighting.

7. Do some soundproofing

Cushions and curtains - Flat decoration ideas
Cushions and curtains – Flat decoration ideas

Noise can also stop you relaxing, whether you notice it or not. There are many ways to minimise how much of it enters the flat and disturbs your peace, from decoration to home improvement solutions. You may need to splash out a bit if you want the best results in blocking out street or rain noise and helping you relax.

  • The first thing you can try is soundproof foam, which traps sound waves and reduces echo
  • Soundproofing panels is something you can get cheaply or even make yourself
  • Look into double or triple glazing – if you haven’t already got it
  • Move large furniture against walls that let in noise – they’ll absorb much of it
  • Soft furnishings, like rugs and curtains, also absorb a fair amount of noise and make your home more cosy
  • Wall ornaments, like paintings or mirrors, are just as effective – the thicker, the better
  • Good insulation around windows and doors is an extra soundproofing measure you could take

8. Declutter

Cluttered spaces are almost never relaxing. Go through your cupboards and throw out or re-home anything that you haven’t used in the last 2 years. This will give you more storage space for future or immediate items that need storing. Make sure the floors and surfaces are consistently clear. This ensures an already small flat doesn’t feel more restricting.

9. Add smart storage

Lots of smart storage - Flat decoration ideas
Lots of smart storage – Flat decoration ideas

In addition to foldable furniture, consider investing in smart storage solutions as part of the flat decoration ideas you’re going to make a reality. Built-in cupboards or furniture with lots of clever drawers can give any small home more room to move around and relax in, while also having plenty of places to store your stuff.

Here are some great DIY projects to try:

  • Add shelving on walls
  • Turn radiators into shelf and storage space
  • Add a bed frame with handy drawers and shelves
  • Use hangers to organise clothes or cables
  • Turn drawers into bookshelves
  • Don’t underestimate LEGOs and hooks!

You should now have plenty of home décor ideas to play with. Take a good look at your flat and plan out the best ways to spruce it up. If you organise your strategy and budget right, you should be able to do everything without hiring an expensive service. But even this route has its affordable options if you do plenty of research and make smart investments.

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