9 Great Small-Budget Home Decor Ideas

It’s pretty common to feel like you’ve got lots of home decor ideas and no budget. It can be annoying if all you want to do is give your bedroom or dining room a new look but you don’t have the money for it. This is no longer the case. There are loads of decorating options at your fingertips and local stores. And they won’t come close to breaking the bank.

A key part of home improvement projects you can try to give your home a new breath of life are these eight home decor tips for small budgets. The most you’ll need to do is imagine which features would look best in your house.

1. Give your entryway some character

Beautiful entryway - Home decor ideas
Beautiful entryway – Home decor ideas

Make that first step into your home a welcoming experience. Even if you don’t have a massive hallway, it can still make a nice impression.

  • Add an accent table and mirror above it
  • Depending on how much room you have, you could also turn a section into a feature wall with artwork of your choice
  • Think what you want your entryway to inspire and decorate right
Décor idea Average price range
Accent table £20 – £180
Mirror £10 – £100
Feature wall £100 – £200

2. Use mirrors for added height and depth

You can have a lot of fun playing around with home decorating ideas on a budget. One or two mirrors can change how your living spaces look and feel. They can be a great way to make rooms seem wider, taller and very attractive all at the same time. Such wall ornaments are a great creative way to reflect the character of each room.

  • Try putting a small mirror up above a piece of artwork
  • Go for a long mirror to add height or a wide one for length and depth
  • Rounded mirrors are a softer, more romantic choice
  • Angular designs can make a more striking statement

3. Swap and mismatch your furniture

Fun mismatched chairs - Home decor ideas
Fun mismatched chairs – Home decor ideas

Another smart small-budget home decorating idea is to swap around the chairs, for example. Gone are the days when furniture had to be identical – a kitchen or dining room with mismatching chairs can look fun and stylish.

Contrasting different styles of furniture is in fashion at the moment, but make sure your rooms suit this kind of look before you go ahead with it. Mixed up chairs can look great in a contemporary room but might look a bit odd when surrounded by more traditional decor.

4. Use a tablecloth to make a statement

Investing in a new tablecloth can be a brilliant, low-cost way to give a room a new look. It can bring all the colours around it together, add new character and create a stylish focal point. Play around with designs and fabrics to make this home décor idea your own. But keep in mind that PVC and oilcloth products are the most resilient.

Type of tablecloth Average price range
Cotton £10 – £65
Linen £5 – £155
Polyester £5 – £30
PVC £5 – £15
Oilcloth £5 – £15

5. Bring in some texture

Mix of textures - Home decor ideas
Mix of textures – Home decor ideas

Colour isn’t the only way among home décor ideas to spice up your interiors. Bringing in new textures can be a brilliant way to make a room more interesting without altering the colour scheme. Cushions are a great way to do this. You can pick them up cheaply in a range of home stores or even buy some material and make a couple yourself.

If you’re wondering how to make your own home décor, start with this fun project. Make several cushions of different shapes, sizes and colour schemes. Add buttons, frills and other materials for greater effect. See what DIY masterpieces you can come up with for your home.

Accent wallpaper is another great way to make your house feel special. Even a small part of a wall could benefit from an eye-catching textured wallpaper. Whether you go down the DIY route or hire a professional, choose a design and colour that suits the room and the effect you want to create.

6. Add stained glass

Stained glass is really easy to pick up cheaply or even make yourself. This feature will create a stunning effect on a windowsill. You can even put candles in them to make them look good in the evening too. How much this will cost depends on the method. A DIY kit is the most fun and economic option, but you can always hire a tradesperson for a stunning custom design.

Stained glass method Average price range
DIY kit £12+
Professional services (per ft2) £130 – £1,000

7. Beautify the bathroom

Great green bathroom - Home decor ideas
Great green bathroom – Home decor ideas

When exploring home décor ideas, the bathroom is an essential room to upgrade. Don’t settle for minimalism. This is a space that can become really unique and relaxing. Do your best to turn it into your very own spa, the perfect place where you can unwind after a long, stressful day.

  • Paint the walls a nice colour or add wallpaper
  • Add smart shelving
  • Add plants
  • Add small wall decorations – candles, ornaments, mirrors – to make this part of the house cosy and welcoming.

8. Add plants

Greenery should be a priority when upgrading your home’s look on a budget. Get some cheap but beautiful potted flowers and place them on tables, shelves, windowsills and bookshelves. Plants play a big role in home décor ideas for living rooms that want to make a pleasant statement. Retail prices vary with plant type and size, but artificial flora is typically cheaper than the real kind. However, the latter will benefit you more – especially, in terms of oxygenation.

Types of indoor plant Average price range
Artificial £5 – £370
Real £5 – £385

9. Colourful lightbulbs

This kind of feature is especially fun. You can buy LED lightbulbs of different colours and even smart ones that change hue via an app or remote control. The second option is slightly more expensive, but well worth the investment. Either choice can look amazing in a hallway or bedroom.

Types of lightbulb Average price range
Plain LED £3+
RGB smart LED £4 – 35

These small home decor ideas are proof that you don’t need a big budget to update your home. With an open mind and some creativity, you can transform a room without spending much at all.

Have fun transforming your home. Got any masterpieces to share? We’d love to hear all about it @Quotatis


Electra is a content writer at Quotatis