Electra Nanou

Electra Nanou is a Content Marketing Intern at Quotatis. She writes a range of digital content related to products and services, while striving to make every online experience as pleasant and helpful as possible.

Calming greys and yellows - Flat decoration ideas

9 Flat Decoration Ideas for a Cosy Home

Lots of people choose to live in the city because they enjoy an exciting and fast-paced way of life. A city flat gives you a great opportunity to be in the thick of the action. But after a busy day in the city, you also need somewhere to relax and...

9 Great Small-Budget Home Decor Ideas

It’s pretty common to feel like you’ve got lots of home decor ideas and no budget. It can be annoying if all you want to do is give your bedroom or dining room a new look but you don’t have the money for it. This is no longer the case. There are...