Boiler Plus 2018: the New Regulations You Need to Know About

Thinking about replacing your boiler soon? Then Boiler Plus is something you need to know about.

Boiler Plus came into effect on 6th April 2018. It’s a new set of boiler regulations that includes rules about efficiency and energy-saving features. You don’t need to worry about your current boiler complying with them. But all boilers manufactured or installed after the regulations came into place need to follow them.

What changes have Boiler Plus brought in?

Boiler Plus has changed the rules on how efficient your boiler should be. It also says what controls and energy-saving features it should have.


Under Boiler Plus regulations, all boilers now need to have an ErP efficiency rating of 92% or higher. This is to help reduce energy waste and the amount you spend on your heating fuel.

According to Which?, in January 2018 approximately 33% of boilers on the market didn’t meet this efficiency standard. So, when you’re picking a new boiler, make sure it’s a newer one that’s at least 92% efficient.

Heating controls

Boiler Plus regulations also state that all new gas and oil boiler installations should include a programme timer and a thermostat. This is to help you control your heating effectively. This could really benefit you and your home, as it can help you make your home more comfortable and reduce waste.

Energy saving

Under the new regulations, boilers now have to feature at least one extra energy-saving feature. This could be either a flue gas heat recovery system, a load compensating thermostat, a weather compensating thermostat or a smart thermostat.

Lots of boilers come with a heat recovery system built in, so it’s worth checking this before you make any decisions. And effective thermostat can help you control your heating and save money, so is well worth investing in.

Ask your boiler engineer for advice if you need help picking the right features for you – remember you can pick more than one!

Do I need to check if my new boiler meets Boiler Plus regulations?

Under Boiler Plus regulations, a boiler manufacturer or installer shouldn’t try to supply you with a boiler that doesn’t meet these new rules. However, it’s always worth checking, as an illegal boiler will only cause you problems later down the line.

So, if you’re considering buying a new boiler, make sure you know it’s efficiency rating and what heating controls and energy-saving features it has. If you need help working this out, do some online research or speak to a reliable boiler engineer.

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Evy Coe

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