You and your builder

Home improvements are a necessity and whenever you’re thinking about some upgrades to your property, you’ll have two potential routes to go down. Do you DIY or use a qualified professional? Whilst it’s true that the DIY option is cheaper, there are countless times this has gone badly wrong for the homeowner. Without the right skills or expertise you can ruin a job and end up having to pay out more money simple to have the problem fixed.

Calling up a builder and inviting them round to your home can be a daunting prospect though. How do you know they’re speaking the truth and quoting the right amount of money? More importantly, how can you be sure they’re trusted to do this work for you to a high standard?

To fix a lot of these worries, what we always recommend you to do is plenty of research. If you do all the research before the contractor comes to visit, you’ll know exactly the right questions to ask.

With any home improvement, it’s important to remember that your input is always necessary and in most cases, welcome. They’ll always seem to be a little hiccup because as you know, things never run smoothly despite the amount of planning. If this happens, don’t panic. Set yourself aside a small budget to cover any last minute changes and be confident with your decisions.

An example of any unforeseen problems can be beneath the surface or your floorboards on in the garden where foundations would be laid. Without digging previously, it’s almost impossible to tell a home’s condition, so don’t be too hard on your builder if he struggles to keep to his time schedule.

Before hiring any professional though there are a number of things to ensure. First of all you want to choose a highly reputable expert you can trust. Using the Quotatis service is the perfect way to guarantee this as we only allow the very best on our books. Also compare quotes from up to four companies. Don’t take the first price that comes your way because how can you tell an industry average without comparing?


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