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Enjoy your summer with household chores complete

With the summer upon us it’s very easy to simply relax in the sun and forget about all our worries.

You may even be planning a much-deserved holiday away in the next few weeks and struggling to detract your thoughts from the sandy beach awaiting.

But before you really settle into the summer, let’s make sure your home’s up-to-scratch.

This doesn’t mean stripping the walls and spending a few weeks completely redecorating the place either.

In fact, there’s some little jobs you’ll be able to take care of that will help improve the appeal of your home and even save you a few quid later down the line.

So take a look at how to give your home its needed MOT this summer:

Check your roof

There’s no doubt about it, we were hit with some torrential wind at the start of 2014. The stormy weather was thick and fast, so if you haven’t yet had a chance to check out the state of your roof, now’s the opportunity when the sun is shining.

What you need to keep an eye out for is loose or missing tiles on the roof. Also venture into the loft space and see if there’s any water damage or moisture present. If there is, the chances are there’s a leak and you need to have this dealt with quickly to prevent expensive repair work.

Inspect gutters and downspouts

With the storms came a lot of rainwater and in some cases around the UK, the January average was tripled. So get up there and make sure there are no blockages of leaves or debris in your gutters. A plumber could even fit non-return valves to prevent dirty water being forced back into your home.

Look out for pests

When moisture starts to affect wood it becomes a natural breeding ground for pests you’d rather not have lurking around your home. Common woodworms and beetle larvae are examples of this and if left untouched, will simply damage the wood further.

There are a number of ways to treat the issue, but you’ll first need to identify the type of woodworm. Rot could be caused from a leaking roof or overflowing pipe. Even a badly sealed bath could be causing your home problems.

Freshen up paintwork

We always want our home to be looking its best and that’s why you should definitely be thinking about giving the paintwork a touch up at this time of year. Over time, the exterior paint can crack and peel which doesn’t look particularly appealing.

The summer is the perfect time to freshen up your paintwork too because as the sun’s out it’ll help the paint to dry quicker. The last thing you want is dirt and debris sticking to the wet paint, so make sure you do the job when the wind’s not at its strongest.

Window caulking

Never neglect your windows and doors because they serve us well, keeping out the cold and water throughout the year. And after the hard winter we’ve had it’s a great time to take a look at your caulking. The caulking is the seal around frames which prevents air, water and bugs getting inside your home and after time can fall away or peel easily. If this is the case with yours, scrape it all out and refill with fresh caulk.

Repair damaged concrete

If you have concrete in your front or back garden then you’ll want to ensure it’s well maintained to keep the aesthetic appeal. The extent you need to maintain yours depends on what their appearance is. Remove any weeds that have sprouted up between the cracks and lay some killer to ensure the roots are destroyed. Then give the whole paving a clean to remove dirt and grime build-up and have it looking as good as new.

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