How to find a good tradesman

Have you ever had an experience of poor workmanship or builders that don’t complete work on time or disappear for hours on end?

Unfortunately these sorts of events aren’t rare in the UK and there has been a rise in cowboy builders and rogue trader.

You’ve more than likely watched TV programmes highlighting the dangers of cowboys around the country.

So how do you find a tradesmen you can trust? Getting a good, reliable and trustworthy professional is actually easier than you probably think, because there are a number of ways to filter the good from the bad.

Take a look at our useful tips below in finding a fantastic tradesmen for any home improvement work:

  • Ask around

Nowadays the Yellow Pages are rarely used by homeowners. The Internet has become such an accessible tool that flicking through the Yellow Pages simply isn’t necessary. After all, you have to find a company, call the number and hope they’re available, with no idea of their reputability. Why not make use of your friends and family? If you want a conservatory and know someone who has recently had one installed, ask them for a reference.

  • Keep your eyes open

What are your neighbours doing? If you spot something you like, it’s easy enough to ask your neighbours which company they used. Of course, you don’t have to use the tradesman they recommend either and could even compare a few quotes in order to get the best deal available. Whether you’re neighbours give the company good or bad reviews, you’ll be in the know!

  • Compare companies

If you were shoe shopping, do you buy the first pair you see or try on a few to find which fits best? It’s more than likely the latter and this is the way you should approach finding a tradesman. Signing up to the first professional you speak to is folly, because how do you know there’s not a better one offering cheaper prices and a brilliant service? Consumer watchdog Which? recommend receiving up to four quotes, giving you a chance to compare and pay the fairest and most honest price.

  • Pay attention

So you’ve been in touch with a tradesman and arranged a home visit? Great news right? Now it’s time to vet the professional and ensure they’re the right person for the job. When you meet up it’s essential to give all the details of your intended project. A good tradesman will ask you lots of questions too, to make sure all basis are covered. If they seem more interested about money, they could prove difficult to work with.

  • Loyalty rewards

If you find a company and are delighted with their workmanship and professionalism, it’s a good idea to keep their contact details to use again in the future. You probably go to the same hairdresser time and time again and this should be the same with a tradesman. If you keep using the same professional they’ll want to continue doing a good job so it works as an excellent two-way relationship.