Gas Safety Week: Signs your Boiler Needs Servicing

It’s Gas Safety Week between 19th and 25th September, which is run by the Gas Safety Register.

It aims to raise awareness of the importance of being gas safe in your home and making sure you employ Gas Safe registered engineers to carry out work on your appliances.

One of the most significant gas appliances in your home is your boiler, and you should make sure that it is cared for properly for you and your family’s safety and comfort.

Why do we need Gas Safety Week?

Gas Safe Register found that 5.5 million householders fail to get an annual gas safety check, which could be putting their lives at risk.
gas safety week boiler service
Unlike other gas appliances where you may see a change in the flame if they need servicing, boilers can go unnoticed.

And as carbon monoxide is invisible, tasteless and odourless, it’s really important that you get your boiler serviced to prevent any exposure to carbon monoxide.

So Gas Safety Week serves as a reminder that it’s important to get your boiler serviced to keep you and your family safe.

Signs that your boiler needs servicing

If you notice any of these warning signs, you should get your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer as soon as possible:

  • The boiler doesn’t seem to be working properly
  • There are black stains on or around the boiler
  • The pilot light keeps going out
  • There is more condensation in the room than normal

What happens during a boiler service?

When a Gas Safe engineer comes to service your boiler, they will:

  • Look at the external parts to make sure that they meet the latest safety regulations and standards.
  • Remove the casing and check the inside of the boiler.
  • Carry out a ‘gas tightness’ test, which checks that there are no carbon monoxide leaks.
  • It should only take about an hour, and when the engineer has finished they should give you a Gas Safe form which tells you about the work they have done.

    Getting your boiler serviced can save you from potentially deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. It could also stop you from having to spend lots on expensive repairs or even a replacement, as the Gas Safe engineer will be able to prevent problems and spot any faults before they cause damage.

    If you haven’t had your boiler serviced in the last 12 months, even if you haven’t noticed any of the warning signs, use Gas Safety Week as a reminder. You should arrange for a Gas Safe engineer to come and look at your boiler to make sure it’s working safely.

    To find out more about Gas Safety Week, visit the Gas Safe Register website.

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