Infrared heating panels: A viable alternative?

Infrared panels are another option to conventional heating methods and are actually becoming quite popular domestically and commercially around the UK.

Rather than warming the air like a radiator would, they instead provide radiant heat which warms objects directly.

This kind of technology isn’t new and you may well use a radiant heater elsewhere, such as a halogen heater, outdoor patio heater or electric fire.

However, these infrared heaters can be mounted on walls or ceilings, warming you up quickly rather than heating the air around you.

There is the flipside that once turned off, you’ll cool down, but it’s a lot more cost effective than heating unused space.

Of course, you’ll need to take care not to position infrared heaters where objects can obstruct the heat.

Do infrared panel heaters save energy?

Infrared heaters are typically powered by electricity, although gas and oil varieties do exist. As electricity is more expensive than gas, it wouldn’t be worth switching from gas to electric heating. However, if you are currently on oil heating, it’s certainly worthwhile.

The amount of electricity used will vary from heater to heater, but what’s certain is they’re more efficient by heating you and not the space around you.

Annette Witheridge, co-owner of the Salty Monk restaurant and B&B has invested in infrared heating, saying: “Compared to the gas heating in the main building, the infrared heating in the fitness room is very efficient and low cost [this is not a direct comparison, as the main building is older and less well-insulated]. It takes up little or no space, and it gives off a nice feeling of heat. It’s like standing in the sun. There’s no hot dry air.”

How much do infrared panel heaters cost?

The price you’d expect to pay for an infrared heater will vary because there’s a large selection of sizes and designs. You would probably spend more than you would on an electric space heater, with costs typically between £150 and £500.

If you’re interested in infrared heating for a commercial purpose, then you could also consider the Green Deal. Infrared heating is eligible for non-domestic finance.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Infrared heating is very efficient, heating you rather than the space around you.
  • An infrared heater would only cost between £150 and £500, depending on the size and manufacturer.
  • Infrared heaters aren’t worthwhile if you’re home is heated by gas as this is a cheaper energy supply than electricity.
  • Infrared heaters can be mounted to the ceiling or walls, giving you plenty of options.