How to create a relaxing atmosphere without a full living room redesign

After a stressful day in the office it’s important to come back to a home you can relax and feel comfortable in.

In the evening, many people will set up camp in the living room, watching the TV, reading a book or even browsing the internet with their iPad.

That’s why the living room should be the main focus when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere.

It should be an area where the day’s stresses can fade away, and the following hints and tips will do that.

Choose a neutral theme

Home experts are always telling us to adopt neutral tones around the home and this really does make sense. Colours such as beige, cream and lavender are soothing, whilst you should also consider pastel colours like pale blue and green. You don’t need to refurbish the whole room either and it won’t take you weeks to complete. Simply give the walls a fresh lick of paint and you’ll be amazed at the transformation.

Stock up the accessories

You don’t need to invest in an expensive leather three-piece suite to change your living room, and sometimes smaller really can be better. If you want to create a luxurious feel then look at purchasing cushions and throws.

There is a huge range of colours and textures on offer for you to enjoy, so you can find something that looks terrific in your home.

Set the right mood

Just because it’s the living room, don’t think you can’t turn it into your haven of peace and relaxation. It’s easy to do this too, so look at getting aromatherapy oils and candles. You can even have a relaxing soundtrack to play in the background to truly put your mind at rest. Don’t forget the lighting either. You won’t need a harsh main light, so take a look at the options and even consider small side lamps to set the right mood.

Clear the clutter

Before you settle down in the evening it’s nice to have a clutter-free room. Whether it’s children’s games and toys, freshly ironed clothes or DVDs that have spilled out from their usual storage space, declutter and make sure you’re relaxing in the right atmosphere.


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